Thank You, Shalini

Shalini, all your gifts have been thoughtful and much appreciated, but this one is just perfect for a tea lover like me. I finally inaugurated this tea infuser today at our hotel room because in this hotel they don’t let me use the induction stove. 

As many of you know, courtesy an ex-colleague Vinay, I only drink Wagh Bakri tea and it really tastes amazing. I don’t use tea bags at all, however expensive, because the left over stuff is packaged as tea bags. So how do you make tea using a kettle that just heats water and without tea bags ? The answer is this amazing tea infuser !

You fill in the loose tea in the small pouch like opening and then slide the porous cover over it. Dip the whole contraption into a cup and pour hot water, infuse the tea and add either milk or milk powder. Your favorite brand of tea is ready !

My mother wants me to thank you specially Shalini, because she loves this infuser. She was worried that she won’t get her favorite tea because I won’t let her use the tea bag at the hotel šŸ™‚ :). 

Thank you from Mom, Krishnan and I. 

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  1. Aww ā€“ so lovely, Bindu ā€“ Such a small thing but Iā€™m so glad you have been able to use it.

    Hugs to all of you

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