A letter to Mr. Aiyar

Dear Mr. Aiyar,

I don’t know if I can even address you, as I have not studied in St. Stephen’s, I was born in a small nursing home in Tirunelveli, my great grandmother sold Idlis to make ends meet, my father-in-law was just a teacher, my husband didn’t have shoes when he went for his first job interview, I had just two pairs of clothes while growing up, I studied upto my 2nd standard in a school that no longer exists, Krishnan’s school also is no longer in existence, my father wrote accounts in a temple so he could fund his education and eat one meal, both my father and father-in-law started working at the age of 14… My husband and I currently live in a suburb of Delhi called Gurgaon, I am very worried if you won’t let me be here because we don’t “fit”, we aren’t from Doon school, Tripos college besides being from St. Stephens, we also have not been in the Indian Foreign Service for 26 years and we certainly don’t count Nehruji’s grandson amongst our friends, I don’t think we can speak English as well as you do, we will have to manage in Tamil, the local language and your forgotten mother tongue, in your constituency, Mayiladuthurai.

Some things that we might have in common, either your friend’s family or your daughters would have used a L’Oreal shampoo, my husband Krishnan was part of the team that launched L’Oreal in India… Hmmm, I am racking my brains for some other connection. Krishnan started his career with Cipla, the Indian pharmaceutical company, setup on the behest of Gandhiji, the original Mahatma, not your friend’s father and you might have taken some medicine that they manufactured, but I doubt that. So we will continue to worry about not being in the same league.

Mr. Aiyar, did you know that our second prime minister Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri was almost adopted by a milkman ? I guess by your standards he should not have become the PM, but should have supplied milk perhaps to all the Congress party workers. Mr. Aiyar, am sure you have travelled to Uruguay as you are a well travelled person, so I would like you to read about their president on this link

World’s poorest president..

Shocking, how can a former revolutionary become the President of a country and on top of that remain poor?? Giving away 90% of his earnings – maybe if he was in India, you would have wanted him to grow the vegetables that Congress party workers could eat.

Mr. Modi unfortunately didn’t know that if he sold tea in his younger days, he should have just continued doing that and not ever dream of being the PM of this country. Forgive him, Mr. Aiyar, he didn’t study in Doon school, he didn’t serve in the IFS, so he doesn’t know the protocol – that only one family, that of your esteemed friend is deserving of being the PM of this country because they don’t sell tea in their growing up years, they study in Doon school, and they have the ability to reduce a Cambridge educated man into a puppet PM, they also marry into families that are mysterious, they have fat Swiss bank accounts, and well, they probably don’t drink tea even. Mr. Modi, did you get it ? Don’t worry Mr. Aiyar, someone will translate this blog into Hindi or I can even, as I speak and write Hindi very well, it is my first language. I wrote it in English so you would understand. Mr. Modi understanding or not doesn’t matter, he after all can just supply tea to Congress party workers.

Mr. Aiyar, a question for you, can a person like me, who didn’t sell tea, or milk or any other food product, dream of being the Prime Minister or President of India ? Now that I think of it, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, one of our well known Presidents, also is from the non-existent school that Krishnan studied in and so is President V V Giri. Guess, both were mistakes according to you.

Now Mr. Aiyar, if you still drink coffee that your forefathers drank at home, smell it, and find the first flight out to a country of your choice, because Mr. Modi will sell tea to the Congress party at a premium and from 7, Race Course Road as the PM of India soon, if not him, some other “chai wallah” or “jhadu wali” will be the prime minister, not the twit that your friend had for a son !! Just get out – we have had enough of your snobbery, and your corrupt party’s ways and really enough of your friend’s family. Maybe they can sell Cappuccino in Italy and try becoming the PM there and leave India to tea drinking and tea selling Indians.

With best regards

Incase anyone was wondering which Mr. Aiyar I refer to in this letter, it’s Mani Shankar Aiyar.

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  1. ABC has spoken !

    Arrogant Brahmin of Congress ( ABC ) says,

    ” You cannot be a PM
    Tea Vendor of India !

    You are destined to die a tea vendor
    And breed some more tea vendors
    Live in slums,
    Who are a mere tea vendor
    Vegetable vendor
    Newspaper vendor
    Delivery boy
    Roadside cobbler
    Sweeper of the street
    Maid servant to my wife
    Ayah of my children ,

    You cannot be a PM !

    You must continue to live
    In abject poverty
    And learn to survive
    On Rs 27 per day ( what we have fixed fairly ! )
    Drink 2 cups of tea
    And eat 2 slices of bread,
    Till you die of starvation
    Or choose to commit suicide
    ( Choice is yours ! )

    But you cannot be a PM !

    You may continue to die of dengue
    Or of malaria or TB
    Or a disease of your choice
    Who are a mere
    Backward Class
    Scheduled caste
    Manual Scavenger
    Harijan , Bhangi
    Searcher of food in piles of garbage :

    Go jump into gutters
    Or in polluted rivers
    Stop dreaming of clean air
    Or a glass of clean water
    Inhale the acrid smell of chemicals
    Till your lungs corrode !
    Don’t sleep if you cannot
    On our freezing footpaths,

    But do not dream
    Of becoming a PM !

    You stupid fool ,
    Learn well your
    Gita , Bible , Koran
    And when we slap you
    with an insult ( ” You cannot be a PM ” )
    Turn your other cheek !

    And silently wait
    For rest of this Century
    ( a mere 86 years ! )
    As you have waited
    For the past 66 years

    Till then
    Keep toiling
    In the dark dungeons called Dharavi
    ( we have one in every city )
    Or under the scorching sun
    Of our parched fields

    And if you won’t vote for us
    Who cares ?
    Who are a mere 400 million ,
    Who cares for you !

    How dare you dream
    To be our PM ?
    A post that
    The sycophants
    Have reserved for our exalted leader
    For eternity to come !

    Didn’t you hear our leader say ,
    Congress is idea
    Not an institution,
    And poverty is a state of mind ?

    So , stop imagining the unimaginable
    You cannot be our PM – ever ”

    The ABC has spoken
    At the AICC session ,
    Now it is your turn to speak
    Vendors of India !

    * hemen parekh ( 18 Jan 2014 / Mumbai )

      • Mr. Ayyer should tell us who was his great grand fathers…I am happy that Mr.Modi was not born with a borrowed gold or silver spoon. May be Ayyer should have. Pompus …

      • Badrirag, don’t feel offended. Even the author of this write-up addressing Mani Shankar Aiyar as Mr. Aiyar! Stay cool!

      • when a man obtained brahmajnam he became brahmin,and if you are brahmin you can’t distinguish one to another [adi shankara told at kashi]so it is my opinion any one can remember him his identity by calling iyer

      • look I am a brahmin, but i have good friends of all casts and creed, only in delhi have i been asked “tum pundit ho?”, i didn’t know wht that meant. it isn’t whom we are born to and which caste we belong to, that decides our worth or career (at least not anymore). It is our herd work and the decisions that we take.no one becomes successful/intelligent/worthy by default just because of their cast.

    • Well said and powerful way of communicating – Why do not write some blog for Indian (News) media which is so backward in all respects and disgusting – Keep presenting third grade politicians all the time as if India has nothing but politicians. I hate to see these bastards on TV – they must show respectable people and good thought and development in the country

      • All news readers and papers have been bought. They are souless reporters hungry for money. Nothing else. Thats why Narendra Modi cares too hoots and has put some of them in the rught place.

    • Why did you have to use community ( Brahmin ) in the first line? And call it Arrogant? It is MSA who is arrogant and you are the next.

      You are no different from MSA. There are many sick people in this country, which parrot what British taught them. This is the exact mind set which Modi is against.

    • Sri Hemen Parekh,
      I am also a brahmin but a very strong supporter of Sri Modi and in TamilNadu u can see many from this community rooting for Sri Modi and incidentally the gentleman in question is not a brahmin but a secooooooooooooolarissht who hates commuuuuuuuuuuuunalisht and bundamentalisht.It is not only funny but also travesty of truth to call the semitic religions as secularists whose one point agenda is to destroy all the other religions,faiths and belief ( we all know what the church has done in both north as well as south America and what islam has done in Akhand Bharath) and hindu dharma as a narrow minded religion.It is because of reason and that is they behave like sheep and vote as a block abut we do not have the unity and that is why third rated politicians in the name of secularism are destroying this country and when are we going to wake up.If the country is in the hands of hindus it will be free from communal riots for we only understand and practice co existence.

      • Funny! You find it offensive that Mani Aiyer’s caste is mentioned, but you yourself have no problem insulting, be it right or wrong, other religions.

      • Agree to a large extent.

        I belong to a Brahmin family and I’ve never seen any of my family members treat anyone as less than ourselves on caste lines. I’m married to someone from the so called lower caste and I’ve suffered veiled taunts from my in-laws about Brahmins being somehow evil. Perhaps it’s the likes of Aiyar who perpetuate such theories, (and I don’t deny that caste violence does exist in the hinterland) but the larger point is that Aiyar’s comment is typical of the Congress ruse to perpetuate and even aggravate caste divisions by a fine art of pitting one caste against another. In another 100 years I suppose we’d be called a nation of Mandal Commission’s children if this nonsense goes on. It saddens me to see a Hindu take potshots at another on caste lines, but then I believe that the inherent tolerance of Indians will see through this as well.

        And to the gentleman who replied below, I feel compelled to say that it’s better to treat facts as facts instead of trying to preempt insult, compliment or whatever. Jehadi violence and erstwhile Catholic intolerance has been well documented. Western countries acknowledge that, albeit not without shame, unlike our Marxist-leaning JNU intellectuals who patent a negationist history of India particularly of the middle ages. Try comparing a Romila Thapar or Bipin Chandra with Elliot & Dowson’s accounts and you’ll see the difference.

      • There are terrorists in Islam. But when there are comments deriding the religion for terrorism and a few well intended Muslims object to generalizing the religion, we find the same people who are defending their caste here denouncing them… at least some of them … how sad !!!

      • I guess we Indians have to bring in caste, religion and language in every argument.., whether relevant or not..:((

    • Dear Hemen Parekh,

      One is not a Brahmin by birth …..The word “Arrogant” can never be an adjective for a brahmin simply because even if born in a brahmin family if one is arrogant he is never a brahmin….

    • Hey Bindu!

      That was just superb! You took the words out of my mouth! I could not have written it any better! I really do wish the country had more of your type. God bless you and do continue.

      It’s not that I am a fan of NaMo. This language comes from an aggressive, insolent, ignorant, self-righteous, sycophantic mindset that their party encourages. Just watch them on TV. It is said that ‘manners makes the man.’ It seems like someone’s schooling interfered with their education! I wonder if the school and college would revoke his alumni status. Perhaps this brings to mind the case of Rajat Gupta,or whether being educated at prestigious institutes really instills values. And why is it that no one from the.party is condemning this? Or even resorting to the platitude: ‘it is his personal opinion’ Are they waiting for ‘tear it up and throw it out’ comment?.

      In a few months you will notice the power hungry switch parties when defeat is imminent. I’ll be watching from the stands with bated breath! Someone has publicly appreciated the AAP and wants to change in ‘ways you cannot imagine’ but cannot switch….!

      Regards and all the best,


    • I admire the contents of this letter. Even Gandhiji told whenever you draft a policy start from village and the heart of the country stays there. We need to uplift the poor first and then the others.

    • Even the choice of suicide is not their’s/our’s. Failed suicide is a crime. As they say, nothing succeeds like success – even in the matter of suicides. Only the “garibi hatao” brigade has the right to eliminate poverty – they never specified how, did they?

    • Superb;y described all the feelings of toady’s Indian citizens! Both the poem and the letter are worth a big Applause!

    • The media picks the provocative part of any discussion and then the sledge hammer of repetition takes over.
      And all of us waste a lot of energy;
      The snobbish Mr Aiyar was actually pointing out the gaffe’s and possibly deliberate attempts at manipulations be the worthy Mr Modi, of History and the Constitution.
      Or did the media savvy Mr Aiyar deliberately make the “chaiwala’ comment to his unfathomable ends?
      Interesting !


  2. Very well stated. It is unfortunate that an educated, well informed MP who could have made a lasting contribution to nation building has to stoop to such levels. 7 Race Course is surely up for grabs. . .

      • excellent… but will Mr Aiyar get to read this as he is busy polishing the door mats and door knobs of His Master’s Home in New Delhi….. after all he is trying to impress the BOSS to get a ticket to Wealthiness and Power .. and the time available is too short…. Poor guy… what to do if he had continued in IFS, he cd have got more maids and servants at his beck and call….

  3. In case, the person mentioned reads this, he should disappear from the political scene right the same moment in shame! But, do these people have any scruples, sense of right and wrong? a well written piece!

      • Bindu,
        Well written. Mani Shankar was a hanger-on with Rajiv while still in the IFS, a clear case of violation of Conduct Rules of his service. His arrogance was well known even those days. His extreme bitterness at having been bested by the likes of Jairam Ramesh ( Mani used to say that he was an upstart!) shows so clearly in the TV shots. He vents his frustration and anger in not being recognized as a political VIP by using foul language in public forums against even lady interlocutors. If Jayalalitha decides the man will not even get a congress ticket from Tamilnadu, let alone win in the Election, and that means he has to retire to reading books in English.

      • As if Modi has any scruples? He is a mass murderer who had praised Hitler for what he had done to the Jews? And what are the scruples in stalking a young girl with whom he is alleged to have had an affair? n the present status of laws he should be arrested the way Tejpal was. I have a feeling that the girl’s life is in danger, just like Haren Pandya’s was. But what to do? Modi has no shame.

      • Correct sir. I don’t understand , why the govt should waste its time and money on courts, filing cases etc… They have a ready made intellectual judge in the forum, who can pronounce the judgement in no time ……

  4. Well said….. Education eliminates ignorence…however for some…..it just increases the level of ignorance. Mr. Whatever n friendz should look for another country to plunder ,now that we have had enough of them……

      • It is said he was collecting money for Chinese soldiers during the Indo China war,At that time he was a communist & in Cambridge, He was labeled as security threat , this was later removed by his powerful family , & he got into IFS. source wikipedia.

    • Yes we have had enough of them. By the way I am an ageing man, shall be 72 in April 14, till 15-20 years ago, I had the patience that one day every thing will be all right, but that ‘one day’ has not come till now? Will it ever come? I still have not lost hope? Waiting for that ‘ One day’ when the things in my Country will improve.

  5. The combination of Lutyens’ club + Congress Party + Doon old boys makes idiots out of them. Aiyer is the classic idiot.

  6. Well said. Mr Aiyar sold his IFS for the first family. That family sold the country for what ever they could barter. Now, Mr Aiyar is much worried that he is not even counted in the inner ring. It is uncontrollable frustration which poured through his mouth. Mr Aiyar, can a bark prevent the Sun from raising? You have attempted. Let us see…..

  7. Mr. Aiyer is shame for the country. He is simply an arrogant, uncivilized slave of the dynasty and can stoop to any level to earn good word of the dynasty. Somebody had called him correctly as the dog 10 Janpat. However, tragedy for Mr. Sycophant is that all his snobbery and Chamchagery has failed to earn him a place even in the outer coterie of the dynasty. So he is in a state frustration and he feels that abusing Modi would earn him the favours of 10 Janpat. He requires our pity.

  8. aiyer is not getting any younger and there may not be another press coverage except some seconds of shouting match insha-arnab…no wonder he had to step high on his snob pedal for publicity. nice slap, good read…

  9. Very well expressed!!! The angst of a common citizen against the brazen arrogance of a (somehow rogue) member of the self proclaimed elites of the nation, who want the nation subservient to only their circle of people, with the prized positions of governance only in their hands, while they would be licking the boots of a bunch of false Gandhis, generation after generation!

    • Thanks. I feel all of us contributed to this state of affairs by staying away from politics, but AAP is trying to change that urban behavior, but they need to get away from their socialist base and mature slowly from activists to good politicians and administrators. For the first time Modi, has caught the imagination of the country and no wonder, Congress is barking because they have no connect to the majority who live in a chai wallah’s income and the son is a twit and has zero charisma !!!! 🙂

  10. Mani Shankar has brought himself down into the same league of Digi the Dog (yes that is Digvijay Singh). You will always see Digi barking senselessly at BJP and especially Modi. I call it barking because his comments never make sense and most of the time attacks personal life of other politicians. Now Mani shankar has joined the same group.

    • I wish people wouldn’t insult dogs or any other god’s creation by comparing them to the likes of …. you know whom?


    • Please for God’s sake don’t compare these third rate politicians with man’s most trusted, intelligent friend for time immemorial, The Dog. They are loyal to the masters and never do anything against their interest. But these guys are not like that. For them motherland, nationalism are anathema and their only concern is Sonia, and Robert Varda’ s family well being. Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyer’ s arrogance are well known. He talk sarcastic about Modi’s humble background, but shamelessly wept and pleaded with folded hands, to take the PM chair when the drama of sacrifice enacted by Sonia Gandhi@ UPA 1 formation. As long as this countrymen remains with chaltha hai attitude, party like congress, person like Mani Shankar Aiyer will continue to flourish. Let’s hope that educated middle class votes in large numbers for Mr. Modi and shows the congress, the right place to sit- As a permanent opposition party at least for next 25 years.

  11. This man Aiyar has gone insane. I wish educated politicians like him had to guts to stand up against the whims and fancies of the mother and son mafia. Shame on all of these boot lickers. Ashamed to be from that constituency this man represents.

  12. Very well stated – this has been his style, very irritating and disrespectful of all and typically against women opposing him in TV debates

    • I don’t know if you had a chance to watch MSI and Meenakshi Lekhi debate in a college in Delhi last year – Meenakshi just shredded him. He is anyway a short term nuisance on the political scene, the sooner he gets out the better.

  13. Mani is a MISTAKE. I mean, if his parents could name him then they would have named him Galti. Obnoxious, Doon Goon bully, loser personified. Lost his election in 2009 – and then nominated for kissing the Gandhi family bu!! …. Active member of Marxist Society of Cambridge, ran for President’s @ Cambridge- supported by junior Rajiv Gandhi. Until recently lived in Sainik Colony, DECLARED ILLEGAL by Delhi High Court.. A super IDIOT who compared Savarkar to Jinnah!

    I think he is an super idiot who shouts so that we can hear his ‘sound’ he knows that he makes NO sense, just kisses the Nehru Gandhi – a typical JEE HAZOOR …… no wonder, this douche lost in 2009….. Arrogant idiot! Read up on his comments on Mulayam Singh Yadav and other colleges around St Stephen’s

    Just ignore this douche bag…

  14. I think Mr.Aiyar thinks he is awfully “simble” but i think he is “simbly” awful….
    Tamil ley “Porruki” chollu wangay

  15. Well Said, Bindu. I wonder how responsible people can give such statements without thinking twice. Anyways empty vessels always make more noise.

  16. Mr. Iyer is a snob; we need to distance ourselves from his reference to Mr. Modi as the Chaiwallah. While being a Chaiwallah is definitely no disqualification to be the PM, a fascist like Mr. Modi can only bring grief to the idea of India. He represents a serious threat to the all the values that we cherish as a nation.

      • Mr. Modi presided over the murder of 1000s of innocent Muslims and has scant respect for democratic values. He is indeed a fascist and a blot on India.

    • but do we really know what was the occupation of dr man mohan singh’s father? or the father of lbs?
      it is modi who is constantly harping on being a chai wallah!!!

      i agree nothing wrong in being a chai wallah.but why repeat ad nauseum? today he said and i quote “When there is a chaiwallah on the battlefield the nation will willingly fill our coffers”, he said”

      .They think they are part of a family that has always been respected and we have to take on someone from a backward caste? A man whose mother used to clean people’s utensils? A man who once sold tea on trains? How can we stoop to this battle, they think”, he said.

    • And my dear Mr. Rahul, ( and hopefully your last name does not start with G and end with i) why should we accept your opinion about Mr. Modi? Also why are you speaking on behalf of the whole of India?
      Unless you offer some some concrete evidence, it becomes just a condescending and baseless allegation like the one made by Mr Aiyer about Mr. Modi’s ineligibility. But, I am sure you dont see it that way…

      • Mr. Ashu. India belongs to all of us and not to some rabid Hindu militants, who would want the minorities annihilated, whose party is run by zealots inspired by Nazis. They took pride in killing Gandhi, whose first name started with an M. Modi certainly cannot speak for India and has no right to be the in politics.

      • Mr Rahul (with high respect not ) its disgusting people like you who think Hindus are terrorists. Name one hindu terrorist! Here are a few actual terrorists (irrespective of religion. No unlike you I don’t think all muslims are terrorists) osama bin Laden, sadam Hussain, yassin bhatkal, etc. And fyi the Gandhi family from nehru to indira to rajiv have killed our fellow countrymen and women. Nehru killed so many kashmiris and his policy continues to get them killed by Pakistani terrorists. Indira butcherd Sikhs in the Golden Temple and the Congress went after them again after indira was killed. Rajiv got our brave soldiers killed in sri lanka and many more. Now the likes of you want a loser, your namesake, who has no brains, lives off our tax money meant for progress of the country, sells our country to various robbers and thinks it his bloody birthright to “rule” our country.

      • I do not think all Hindus are militants, nor all Muslims terrorists. Modi has no right to represent India- he is a fascist with no commitment to democratic values and is equally corrupt , if not more than the Congress.

      • Bigots like Reethika Shetty always sees a critique of Modi, the mass murder as a support for Congress. I am not a Congress supporter, but believes in secular values that need to be upheld at all costs. It is indeed dangerous – and this is the contribution of Modi, BJP and the RSS – to see all Muslims as terrorists.

      • The 2002 Gujarat riots did not happen because Narendra Modi authorised the killing of Muslims that cold February. The longer we dwell on his direct role — for which evidence is thin — the longer his “clean chit” will be used to wipe out two other crimes. The first of those is the role BJP politicians, Sangh Parivar members and police officials played in the killing of more than a thousand Muslims early that year.

  17. Aiyer says Modi will do a better job selling tea rather than be Chief Minister or Prime Minister. At least that way the minorities will feel safer.

    • Mr. Dominic, I feel the only minority in the world today is truly egalitarian people, and it doesn’t matter who becomes the PM, that minority is safe. It just needs to become the majority.

      • This is the point – in a country where people of various races and religion exist- there is a person who aspires to become the prime minister by tactically marketing himself as the only hope with false numbers and statements. But he tries to hide his original ‘hindutuva/RSS’ mentality behind this marketing gimmicks. And – no one was worried when he mocked others – at least in my home my parents brought me up not to mock any one – any point of time in my life. But this person well aged twice as me – I would say goes on to make fun of people. And he is seen as the only hope by some so called ‘intellectuals’. If Modi is such a person of simplicity and humbleness why is he allowing his PROs to spread the news of his old tea-vendor job. He could easily have made a statement saying – it is not needed in the context of becoming PM, but what he and BJP do – they invite tea-vendors for a separate meeting etc and try to publicize that as much as they could. They want to make the most out of it.

        I don’t say Mani was right – but he didn’t just make fun of him and I don’t think he ever did made fun of anyone. I have seen him in various shows in the past and that is not his nature.

        BJP and Modi’s fans have picked a selective statement and tried to show-off their loyalty to Modi and BJP.

        Enjoy writing!! – Your like minds will love this because this what they want. sThey want to see Some one supporting Modi – and btw not to forget that fact that your blog has got some good number of hits.

      • Let’s face it: under Modi, no Christian or Muslim tea vendor will be allowed to be PM.
        Under Aiyar, any tea vendor can become PM. All he said was that Modi was unfit for anything other than vending tea. He did not say that tea-vending was a disqualification for becoming PM.

    • He has been a great CM for three terms straight and done wonders. One has to visit Gujarat to see the kind of development. This majority -minority bunkum won’t work anymore. The so called minority should shed their insecurity and inferiority complex and become Indians. They cannot hide behind their religion to keep getting statute offered benefits all the time. They are as safe or as unsafe as any other Indian.

    • Even more interesting was Modi’s statement that foreign policy should not be left to the IFS -It should originate from the common “people” !! Can you imagine the complicated machinations of foreign policy being decided by common people? Pure rhetoric. There is a specific reason why India does not have a jury system -because the “average” man may just not have the wherewithal to sit in judgement – or make foreign policy. Modi is uneducated in such things. Pure political rhetoric

    • Pleased to see a post with a different view finally..truely,this blog was written by one of Namo’s supporters or maybe by his PR…its one of their marketing gimmicks.I agree Congress has to go..but then Modi is a worst option by all means,I simply mean to ask how do you wash your hands off a massacre of over 2000 people irrespective of which ever community they belonged to.
      Besides the point that Mr Mani had put was fairly misconstrued because even I as an anti congress propaganda supporter could see the sarcasm in it, aiming to mock Namo’s over use of his humble background and simply not to demean any profession.
      Finally,to the author of the above article: Madam,its a superb piece of work but let me just tell you, that being from the Brahmin caste don’t get you a seat in St. Stephens or the brains to qualify IFS.I belong to a family where we have had inter caste marriages,so this caste ball game makes no difference to me.Yet, Mrs Author has to surely rethink her assumptions or maybe not because as Namo’s PR service you are simply paid to write on his behalf.
      In that case all I can say to you is…”Well Done” on your piece of fact scarce article which as BJP’s PM candidate’s knowledge lacks the most important figures and facts.Its just a random article in praise of NAMO.

      • Hahahahaha thanks for the backhanded compliment that this was written by NaMo’s PR machinery or that I am paid to write this for him. If you had taken a couple of minutes more and flipped to either my previous blog or my next one, it would have been abundantly clear that I have nothing to do with politics. Neither is this blogpost about Modi, it’s about MSA and his behavior. 🙂 I have been blogging for two years now and this just happened to be one of the blogs that generated a lot of interest.

        Thanks for your comment.

        Sent from my iPad


      • AAPCO Worldwide, an influential PR machinery is involved in a projecting Modi as a great leader. This PR machinery saw to releasing fake items such as the one which said that Modi rescued 15000 Gujaratis (!) from Rshikesh. Even mainstream papers like TOI picked it up it as its headlines. To get some bloggers to write for his evil cause is much easier 🙂

  18. Mrs.Krishnan, you have perhaps hit him where it hurts most, his ego. ( I am discounting brain.I suspect if he has any.I am told that it is removed and exchanged in to a entry token for AICC sessions!). But the bigger problem is with the media. Anyone who can speak good English (or HIndi Poet laureate of the present Sultanate at Delhi,Vishwas is an example) and not make sense – this is an important criteria- gets the media’s attention and becomes their darling. And as a fallout, those who appear often on the TV become leaders !

  19. I read somewhere in Facebook that Sarcasm is the best retaliation when you get the urge to punch someone in the face. Cannot imagine a better article that exemplifies that statement. Very well written. Very bad to see a (ex)diplomat being undiplomatic and having a dig at someone’s background instead of their policies. That kind of summarizes Congress’s governance according to me, forgetting their priorities and their own background. Aside politics, beautiful article and I am subscribing to your blogs. Please keep it going!

  20. Hi, thanks for your views and nicely drafted letter targeting Mr Aiyar for insulting Mr Modi. Please remember his comments came right after the AICC meeting and I firmly believe like Mr Diggy.. Congress has let few folks out on the block to attack Mr Modi and others to be in the news.. which is an aspect of gaining indirect publicity.. so going by the large amount of protests Mr Aiyar managed to be on all news channels, prime time slots and debates..who was out of sight for good time… It is very important to note that Mr Modi nor his PR machinery didn’t respond to these comments and let their supporters like you and us to hit back at Aiyar and the congress should worry about this aspect more than anything else.

    We need a stable, decisive and goal oriented govt at the earliest to put India back on accelerated growth path, manage geo-political concerns, foreign policies and improve bilateral trade relations through effective tools. We need a Govt or a leader who would make effective use of tax payers money to create an environment / infrastructure to improve living conditions of less privileged and find multiple outlets for self-sustaining, productivity driven job creations .. This is a wishlist just as we wish for Mr Modi to be the next PM..

    AAP akele cant deliver our expectations and let US all do our bit… let us vote and vote the capable and motivated leader, deserving party to power for better tomorrow. Jai Hind

  21. I love the awesome style of your writing Ms. Bindu. But I personally will never appreciate Modi as a PM. But What Mani Shankar said about Modi is unwarranted and silly. Both the Congress and BJP are same. The former is just a looter while the latter is a communal hatred force cum looter!

    • Unfortunately India has to choose between the lesser of the two evils. We the regular citizens will never know the whole truth, and if we think about it a little more, Congress has ensured that we feel we are communal when we say we are Hindus. I only wish that we get someone as the PM who loves this country and works towards nation building. Tired of Congress and their devotion to one family, not one India.

      I miss our founding fathers and want our generation to have some true leaders to look upto. Maybe that will just remain a wish.

    • the same opinion of binduji,lesser harm should chosen and regarding ‘communal’ the same thing was told kashmiri pandiths when sham prasad mukharji agitated regarding article 370 but what happened to pandiths today.we have to support to mr modi because if we want to live at least as human

  22. Very well written Bindu! Am proud of self made folks like you and Modi! Just praying for Modi to be PM of India so that once and for all we can get rid of the CONgress and their cronies like Aiyyar.

  23. Mam you have perhaps forgotten to mention his buttering prowess. My thoughts on the issue is a small update in FB, reproduced below.

    Sell of a female child in Kalahandi was the big news. Rajiv visited the remote village, flanked by the then CM Janaki Patnaik, and the self proclaimed indomitable MJ Akbar. But what caught ones attention was a smart guy trailing around with a note-book in hand and apparently was enjoying the left over attention of the media. It was indeed a look at him and you had butter all over your body. Later someone told me the character was called Manishankar; IFS and he was personal secretary to PM.

    Over the years he has been unique in expressing his hatred both in body language and verb; to those who had a snide or even a constructive criticism for the Gandhi family. Surely his training as a diplomat in articulating speech has come in handy.

    Today we have yet another example of his prowess. At the mega-gathering of the Congress in Delhi today, Mr Aiyar said: “There is no way he can be Prime Minister in the 21st century… but if he wants to come and distribute tea here we can make some room for him.”

    Beautifully cultured. Is he not ??

  24. Binduji, marvellously written……… i hope the ‘English speaking, non-tea vendor’ gets to read this too…..

  25. Brilliant, brazen and in-your-face! Just what the doctor ordered for the “tea-totaler”. Very well written indeed, Bindu Krishnan.

  26. A very well written letter …. As mentioned earlier by someone it echoes the thoughts of the common man for the congi stooge Mr. Aiyyar and the party. Perhaps you can put up something similar for the joker Digvijay Singh as well …. he has similar attitude and licks the congi first family’s ….

      • Very well written letter Binduji,
        The other two men in this coterie are Manish Tiwari and Kapil Sibal…….sorry it is not two more…sorry I lost count of them… A few lines from you from each one of them would be a treat for many of us.
        Thanks for the wonderful letter.

  27. Bindhu.. I admire your simplicity and free talk and you have done correct postmartem of things. Aiyar is only appeasing his bosses in Delhi just to re-gain the loosing ground in his political Career. His arrogance is at peak always. He will have harder fall soon. Let May 2014 come. India will decide whether we shall have chaiwalla or Shahzada as PM. Coming events cast shadow before. Jai Hind!.

  28. Brilliantly articulated. I wish the person to whom it’s addressed reads but then u need to be sober to understand and i doubt whether he ever is!!

  29. Wow!! Such wonderfully written. Mani Shankar Aiyar is the best example Eductation without ethics and sense of right/wrong makes man an intelligent devil that he is.

  30. Hi dear daughter Bindu,please accept my million congratulations for being so honest and sincere in expressing your opinion about Mr Aiyar. You see,once a youth sells his soul to a party like Congress he or she loses all freedom to be the person he/she was earlier, and inevitably undergoes an evolution of sorts into a gargoyle of sorts.The humble origins of the likes of Aiyar lie so far behind him today that he feels but a cultivated rehearsed contempt for the people of his region!

  31. Excellent exposition but unfortunately it is these types of academically qualified people with gift of the gab to unleash all the crap which the paid media houses grab misusing and abusing the platform of print and audio –visual, manifesting their two ailments one verbal diarrhea, sometimes noisy most of the times nasty, and two irresistible itch to sit on judgment on everyone and everything by twisting facts or suppressing facts to suit their opinions which are invariably aimed at seeking cheap popularity and praising meaninglessly members of one family which wrecked more havoc to the nation than any natural disaster has done anywhere in the world.

    These psychotic sycophants will be slowly but surely kicked away but along with we must through empowered social media must also kick away the impact of popular media houses which project, pamper and promote such puerile persons and putrefying propaganda peddlers. Unfortunately most popular media houses are infested with these types of creatures.

  32. I wish Narendra Modi had actually gone ahead with Tea to the AICC session. That would have been the end of Kaangress.

  33. Mani Shankar (I am leaving out the surname he has actually no business to keep – as he himself admitted that he doesn’t believe in religion, eats beef etc. and we know that he drinks like fish and has some honourable (?) company in Mayavaram and perhaps elsewhere also) is – arrogant, bigot, cynical, disdainful, educated fool, farcial, good-for-nothing politician, haughty, imbecile – well I can go on up to zee finding words that fit him. But we should thank him. By one flip of his nasty tongue, he made Congress to lose a further million votes.

  34. Ha! the arse-licker of Joe Nehru’s descendants.This has been the norm, dear look at the first elite created post independence they are all Indira’s coterie and contemporaries at Shantiniketan and in and around.
    Then of course the college drop out riff-raff’s coterie of Rajiv and Sanjay.
    Now it is the Damaad Vadra and brainless twit Raoul who suffers from foot in the mouth diseases.

  35. As Congress misrule is being put to an end simultaneously media misuse especially by some very popular English print media houses and many TV channels must be slowly shown the way out if many small social networks, internet forums etc effectively keep the public well informed and also expose and counter such idiotic comments with appropriate content imbued with enough punch lines, slogans and sand witching reasoning between them because majority of the public fall for slogans, sensation creating punch lines than sense. I am sure that this process can take place very effectively. The emerging reverse trend in media http://contentwriteups.blogspot.in/2013/09/media-houses-beware-of-reverse-trend.html

  36. Does Aiyer wish to convey that Abdul Kalams` presidency was a blot on India, because he belonged to a fisherman` family ???…….. It is too much. it is a slap on the entire non-elite class of India, and needs a befitting reply through ballot.

  37. Very well written. Your English seems to be better than that of MSA.I was surprised that someone from Tamil Nadu seems to be so nationalistic, maybe because you are in Delhi.In TN, people have voted only for regional parties and they are still to acquire a nationalistic bent of mind.

    • How silly you sound! People in TN are not nationalistic? Why? because they oppose Hindi and vote regional parties? Accepting Hindi or voting for national parties have little to do with nationalism! Or it could be said that Delhi-ites are not nationalistic because they seek to impose Hindi.

  38. Wow. In one sweeping missive, you’ve tarred everyone from Stephens and Doon with the same brush! It doesn’t work that way. Neither does it mean what Mani SA said was right. Neither does it mean that the “son of your friend is a twit”. Give people a chance before branding all!

    • I agree with you Jatin. How can all doon Stephan’s old boys be tarnished with one stroke. Agreed Mr. Aiyar needs to be addressed, but branding all from these institutions seems so in very poor taste.

      • Dear Mr. Singh – didn’t mean at all to tarnish the great institutions, they were mentioned because MSA studied in them and used these institutions to look down upon others. They both are great schools and have given us some really great contributors.

    • Dear Jatin, I have just answered Mr. Singh who felt the same way. The institutions are not in question, just Mani Shankar’s use of their names to take a higher pedestal that is not appreciated.

  39. If one is thinking that being attended St. xx/y schools and got IFS / Phd in front of their names, but even don’t know how to behave themselves. Its not education, its only literacy! Its our bad fortune that education is being calculated with respect to their academics not their maturity!

  40. Great job Bindu …. you have voiced rather penned to perfection the views of all sensitive ….read normal…people. How can anybody be so arrogant? I cringe in my seat whenever I see this Iyer voice his views …he is so intolerant, so insensitive, so condescending…both his words and his facial expressions! If this is what Doon School and St.Stephens produce ….misfits in society, they better close shop!
    Seriously…slap this on his face if you get a chance! Why don’t you send it to Arnab Goswami?!

  41. Bindu…Its the identity crisis and frustration that is being vented out. Nobody even in congress give any damn to him no a days. He may, unwillingly, have to accept your observation on Shastri, Sarvapalli and Giri. But try to tell about APJ he would end saying he is communal and thats why he was made President by NDA. Its a tragedy that people like him, Manish Tiwary get importance.

    • That would be the day !! If MSA calls APJ Abdul Kalam elevation as president a communal decision, he will draw more flak because APJ is the most loved President in recent times – whatever be the reason for his elevation to the President’s post. 🙂

  42. Well written Bindu, Really hope MSI will have the chance to read this article !!!!! I beg the electronic media to share this on their channels so that MSI can go back to his school days and lean word by word, Its high time that we get rid of this COOONGRESS once for all !!!!

  43. Mani Shankar Aiyer is frustrated man as he was kept out of cabinet for a long . Now he thinks he can win heart of madam through his sycophancy by making dig at NaMo.

  44. The Devils Advocate here:
    Dear Bindu
    Just as you, me and many Indians have not been able to, for whatever reason, to participate to cleanse the system, we find social media and blogs a manner to vent our feelings in a hope that they get our feelings out and reach a mass.
    I, probably , just as you and millions of others, react on a daily basis to headlines from the media. I unfortunately have only NDTV to watch here in Africa, but do have the internet to read other media and news views from over the globe.
    However the television media has the unique ability to visually affect us.. In a sense far more lastingly than the print media.
    The images stick. Thus news clips and reporting on Television evoke far stronger reactions, in my opinion.
    Here starts my advocacy fort he devil in this case, not defending Mr Mani Shankar Aiyer for his chai wallah remarks, but blaming the media for making this a chaiwallah debate that you and a multitude of others now feel is an added nail in ManiShankar Aiyars political coffin (having heard him over the years, I believe he is not elitist. I believe he is articulate, but has a very short tempered temperament, and is direct. I must admit, that to a layman, he comes out appearing elitist, but is not)
    But here I think he has received more nails than he deserves, and the Media is not being responsible here.

    Once again, not wanting to defend Mani here, but just set the Media on the right track. We can see how powerful they are.
    ( as on the Law minster Somnath Bharati “Raid”- it wasnt a raid. It was a minister responding to 6-8 months of police inaction – that went awry because the Police withdrew. None of the channels have interviewed the neighbourhood where these activities were taking place? I , as someone living in Africa, completely agree that we Indians are ignorant of Africa. Those being targeted in the sting were only victims of a greater corruption that lives in India, and thus hope we are able to apologise to them. Even todays NDTV newscasts continues to raise racial tones, of public humiliation that was proved to be untrue ( samples were collected in AIIMS while NDTV till now mentions public humiliation of a foreign national) ..of something that should have been a simple police investigation, but due to their inaction led to the situation as it is. This digression was necessary to highlight Media power)

    Mani Shankar Aiyar, responding to a media persons insistent queries on what he thought of Modi, says that he said, that this Chai wallah unfortunately hasn’t learned or grasped history and tends to distort facts, and will never become PM this century, and ( since he hasn’t learnt much unlike other chai wallahs) can come and sell tea here if he wants.
    The Mani dig wasn’t at chaiwallahs. The dig was at Modi and his ignorance of history , his bluffing and distortion of facts.
    How ever much a sycophant he may be, Mani Aiyar is not that stupid. He may be seen as arrogant, but not many understand his language.

    Having said that, Mani seems to have given the BJP and Modi a new idea, to use the media created barb look as directed towards chaiwallahs, and hold durbars and jansanghs in AAP fashion, to lure the votes of the chaiwallahs.

    While it may be a good strategy, using this, and with the aam aadmi lapping up the TV reports and directing all venom at Mani, looks like the BJP is gunning after a party that has anyway nothing to lose, and will eventually backfire, with the AAP gaining ground.

    In my opinion, if the BJP wants to easily win, they should just move on on what they will do, and not what the Congress or the UPA have not done. I think every citizen knows the recent history and of corruption that has happened.we. Know about Vadra, we know about Yeddyurappa, Gadkari, we know about Adarsh, we know about 2G,3 G, Amit Shah, Snoopgate about the BCCI…etc etc… Not many of us want a party in power to tell us about this..

    We now want to know what they are going to do about it in the future, and in my opinion, the only one who has done something about this , and that isAAP. Whether they will withstand the onslaught of the BJP or of the Congress, no one knows. But they have made an attempt.

    Let us ask Modi to lead the way, show how he is going to make India corruption free, and believe me, no one will be able to stop him. The AAP may even join the NaMo wave if he is able to do this.

    Else it will be replacing one Corrupt party with another. The colours may change, the tunes may change, but the lot of us ordinary Indians will not.

    I request that I have not abused or used expletives here, and the intention was to voice my opinion on a matter you have voiced yours, thus kindly lets have sane dialogues.
    Cheers and let the party with the least corrupt, best management and governance, and the best delivery of election promises win.
    Ram Mohan

    • Dear Ram Mohan, thanks for being the Devil’s advocate. I guess many of us, including me, are reacting to the snobbish, supercilious behavior that we saw from Mani Shankar Aiyar, not just this time, but many times before. I have no special leanings towards any political party, infact I was a big fan of Mani Shankar Aiyar’s eloquence, but the condescending, dismissive way he has been behaving in public really put me off.

      Hope that clarifies.


      • Hello Bindu

        I salute you for the facts and the points outlined above.
        However, regardless of what Mani Shankar Aiyar had to say, I firmly believe that Modi is not a prime ministerial fit. Make no mistake in assuming that it has something to do with the chai wala credential’s that he comes with. Somehow it makes many of us feel that the disaster is yet to begin under his leadership. To be fair to Mani Shankar Aiyar, I do not think that he was referring to Modi’s chai wallah background as a shame, in fact I am led to believe that it was just a figure of speech.

        Modi’s background and his abilities to run a country are certainly questionable regardless of whatever or how much ever he has improved Gujurat. As a matter of fact, its only the urban side that has been improved, the other parts of Gujurat continue to remain inflicted with problems that I really cannot take a dig on at the moment.

        Our late president, K R Narayanan comes in from a very poor background. If we were to go by the caste system, he comes from a caste which basically earns their living by plucking coconuts. To the best of my knowledge, I haven’t heard of any states person commenting that he is just fit for plucking coconuts !

        Let me conclude this by saying that I don’t support Congress or for that matter BJP. All of these parties are excellent in dressing themselves and portraying themselves as the future of the country. Their thirst to loot the country in any form just never dies.

        I profusely apologize for any comment of mine that might have otherwise hurt you. Thanks and do keep publishing these interesting facts, it’s an eye opener for many of us.

        Good evening !


    • Dear Ram Mohan

      Good comments. Especially the last paragraph. Many are giving Modi credit for development of Gujarat. Like Modi they may not have studied History. Gujarat had developed well under the Hitendra Desai Govt. Modi has thus inherited a developed state. But tarnished it with the 2002 riots.

  45. Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar: When you call Namo to make tea at the AICC convention please make sure you also call a waitress who came to UK from a village in Italy to serve this tea to all the guests. While Mr. Modi has not forgotten his humble beginnings we cannot say the same for this waitress who has been made to turn into an empress by our great members of the grand old political party.

    • All Aiyar said was that Modi was unfit for anything other than vending tea. He did not say that tea-vending was a disqualification for becoming PM.
      The same people who are protesting Aiyar are the ones who disqualified Sonia Gandhi because she had been a waitress. What hypocrisy!

      • I think people forgot how the leader of opposition made a scene in parliament when she said I would tonsure my head and white saree if Sonia becomes prime minister of the country, the fact was the elected mp of the party decide the prime minister . Likewise how sure are we that modi wouid become the prime minster ? Is there a guarantee that his mp would elect him when stalwart like Advani himself has shown his displeasure!!!!

      • Who is Sonia.Is this her real name.Why she has refused to become Indian citizen soon after her marriage.Why Quottrochi was allowed to flee the country with the loot from Bofors scandal.Why did the CBI keep quite in that issue.Please tell me whether Antonio Maino is holding the Italian pass port or not. Please do not allow your religious belief to blind your eyes. Your ancestors belong to this country not to Rome like Antonio Maino

      • Mr Som,
        The protest was for Sonia being a foreign national. Dont try to convince people with the twists.

  46. Ms. Bindu, I humbly salute your ability to put thoughts across so well. I wish I could have written such a piece. Hats off to you!!!

  47. Thanks Ms. Bindu for expressing in words,… my initial unbridled anger at Aiyar’s vainglorious barb. Don’t know your political leanings…. or neutrality like mine. But, congress’ present attitude coupled with their “record” deserve more such pieces. Good luck.

  48. Bindu.. WOW…take a bow…what a sock in the eye.. The classic aam aadmi response …i am not surprised at the below the belt classist remark from a loose canon like Mani Aiyer. He displays the worst kind of typical Stephenian arrogance & snobbery..Stephenians have this deliberately cultivated condescending superior attitude with which they view the world…but your article mail just made my day…in the horse race for 7 race course road between Mr Groom, Mr Bloom & Mr Broom…Mr Groom has already reached his expiry date only that he doesn’t know it yet..have a nice day. Jayant

  49. People like Aiyar has tarnished the name of his Iyer community.by making such below the belt comments on NAMO who has worked really hard to become what he is today & not by practicing synchopancy to any family as in his case.
    It is going to be a reality that the Aiyar hates most is going to occupy the top political post of India.

  50. -Mani Shankar Aiyar is known for his tongue twisting statements and the last one is an attack on BJP PM nominee NAMO and it is in very BAD and negative taste.NAMO has claimed that he started off as a Tea Boy and appealed to the voters to vote for him raising from small moorings. Mani one of the sychophants of Sonia hit out at Modi and went to the Press and said that he can sell tea and can never become the PM of India!When probed further Mani stood his ground only showed that Manis attitude towards the lower class human beings and by his such arrogant statement he insulted all the tea vendors of India.After all we all know the history of Zail Singh once a cobbler became the Prez of India in our democracy. PM ship is NOT the birthright of anybody!
    As rightly observed by Omar one should not mock any profession like Mani and the voters should remember this and teach lesson to Congress

  51. Gr8 reaction to MSI’s comment on NaMo. He himself has forgotten that Mr Kamaraj did not enter the steps of school and was the President of Congress Party, now GoP.You need to be very cautious when u speak in public forum, if u want to be respected!!

  52. Very well written Bindu, and yest its about time there was an open forum to show these politicians their own reflections.

  53. Did you also feel compelled to write a letter to Modi when he called someone’s partner a 50 crore girlfriend? Or say India is a Hindu State and conversion to Hinduism is okay because one would only be going back to ones original faith. Aiyar’s comment was only a slight to Modi and your interpretation is a real stretch. My grandmother sold idlis too to support my mother, in case you question my background.

      • No Mr. Giscard, I have seen a trend on these posts the author refuses to comment on anything going against her opinion…though even I’m eyeing for her reply on this.

      • What Modi said is the truth – no action taken of 50 Crores gf and India is a Hindustan so what is wrong with that. I was in Palestine two weeks ago and they call India Hind and girls keep this name as Hind which is after India. Why are so ashamed of India being Hindu’s. Why India was created?

    • What is wrong in calling this country as hindu country.After all the so called secular western countries like Germany and France and also Australia call themselves as CHRISTIAN COUNTRIES and why we should be ashamed of calling our country as a hindu country which is the truth

    • By now I think you would have got the answer for your questions Mr Arun.. the unfortunate 50Cr Girlfriend. a big question is was she silenced for her hint on the IPL murkier business?
      Please google to find the opinion of what Hinduism means according to Modi. You dont have to wait for an answer instead can write your own blog to support Mr Iyer if you wish to.

  54. Bravo Bindu!! These Congs are filled with arrogance from head to toe. About time they are shown what they really are. Piece of Crap Aiyer!!!

  55. Though I too don’t agree with what Mr iyer said but I feel media has not provided the entire video or in what context he said that. He also provided a clarification in which context he said that and I don’t think mr mani was trying to be classist there.

    • I think we have seen the complete footage of his chaiwalh remark. Not just an edited sentence but the entire dialogue. Youtube has it too.

  56. There are several such “educated” characters: Jayram Ramesh, Sashi Tharoor, Kapil Sibal, Chidambaram & Manish Tewary to name a few.Their arrogance overshadows everything. These characters can never get the pulse of Indians and can only get elected with the support of local parties/caste/money. They talk first and think (if at all) later.

  57. MSA is bent upon making a fool of himself. Everyday he stoops to new levels. His arrogance will finish him in thee coming elections for sure……well written piece indeed.

    • He did not get elected the last time from his constituency. Nor is he likely to get elected in 2014. He depends on the Gandhi family for his status without which, he is just another retired bureaucrat enjoying his sunshine at the cost of the Indian indirect tax payer which includes all the chaiwallahs of this country and all the consumers of cutting chai.

  58. His so called education and experience is nothing compared to Mr. Modi’s Vision.. he is a slave of fake Gandhi family… He should be dealt with the way he would understand the feelings of the common people.. Watched NDTV debate yesterday in which he behaved like a stupid towards participants like Ms. Kiran Bedi and Shahina NC of BJP.. Culture-less Idiot..!!

  59. Bindu, this shows the mentality of Congress politicians towards common man..how they underestimate poor’s and common people…Mr. Aiyer licking Nehru famil’y shoes all the way..

  60. Very well written. It is time snobbish attitude be done away with
    Wishing our own design chhaiwala honours the esteem chair of the PM

  61. MSA is a fool and needs to make no effort to make one of himself ….. lets teach him a lesson next time around ….. that is the only language he will understand !! Hope people in his constituency can see it that way ……… someone needs to get the message out to him !!! Kudos Bindu ….

  62. articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2004-08-22/ind… read about this trator who got in to IFS and his stint in Pak must be probed he would have been thrown to jail if he was in any other country for his misdeeds. Eh apna aapko pada likaa kahtha hai ..i say he is a pada likka ANPAD hai. aur iski avkaat hi kya hai..ki eh Namo jaise ek Insaan, Indian Nationalist ke baare me itne gatiya bartav kiya.

  63. Thanks for a revolutionary article Bindu ji.. you really hit this idiot(sorry even this word is too high for his standards) hard…..Dynasty is full of these psycophants.
    and this time People of India will decide decisively in 2014 national elections.

  64. Its my humble opinion that tea wallah or no Tom, Dick & Harry can save the country. All politicians are shameless creatures. I don,t want to pin point. Doon school or corporation school or total illiterate, once into the arena, he becomes a traitor to the mass. There is a saying in Tamil – all is same whether Raman or Ravan rules. No one can do anything against these Goliaths until and unless the rules & regulations drawn by Dr. Ambedkar is rewritten. There are many loopholes through which the common and the politicians escape easily. So we have to prepare ourselves to be a silent spectator in this so called political extravagances. May be She is from Italy but she belongs to the ruling dynasty. Our aim should be to dethrone the hereditary boarding.


  65. Simbly Great. Aiyar requires to set up a Tea Stall in Italy. The way he was trying to sell the idea of re-incarnation of Rajeev Gandhi, it appears that he should have been a toe cleaning machine for the So called First Family of the nation. More so how rude he was to Kiran Bedi and Shyama of BJP yesterday on the NDTV . He is pathetic. I wonder how low people can stoop to remain in power. It is indeed time to the chaiwalas and the jadhuwalas to show the way out to these in-sensitive, self meaning people

  66. well put. exactly my feelings. the arrogance and sheer disdainful attitude of MSA was gut wrenching. he deserves being put in place. a totally degraded and delusional sycophant, he is beyond spite worthy. these corrupt and dynasty obsessed congressmen need only one direction – get them out of power and out of this country.

  67. If a dog barks at me I will not bark back. Or if a donkey kicks me I will not kick back as otherwise there will be no difference between me and those animals. . Just let the mad dog bark

  68. wow..Bindu Krishnan..just the word coming out of my mouth is …..wow ! You have reduced the chest beating Sonia sychopant to that of a racist rascal and scrumpy scoundrel ! Bravo!

  69. excellent Letter to Mr. Aiyar.
    One of d best example of sarcasm read in recent times.
    Got the copy paste version on whatsapp,
    then googled it to reach your blog ’90rollsroyces’ ,
    that lead to Shikshadaan.com and finally found your FB profile !
    Glad to connect, especially on a day when I spent almost 8 hrs with beloved Osho and his discourses on my i pod, fitting end to a day (19th Jan) to land on 90rollsroyce 🙂

  70. Nice Write up Bindu! Summed up my thoughts, in fact last couple of years or so, I’ve found him obnoxiously Senile and non gratuitous in his outbursts & (not being sexist but )perpetually PMSing! He’s never measured his own tribe by the standards he deems fit for his opponents and gets increasingly personal as almost a First(and in most cases-Last) Line of Defence.

    Hope this reaches him somehow, but i don’t expect him to change. Also, I know my words might seem harsh, but none too charitable compared to what he dishes out on a regular basis these days! Cheers to your writing! 🙂

  71. Kudos ! Excellent ! Very well written. I take umbrage to the things the ass licker said before the serving tea quip. Do re-visit his entire outburst of verbal diahorrea .

  72. Dear Bindu,
    Your blog certainly evinced tremendous response & rightfully it should. Glad that the tea drinkers still have a voice to vent our pent up angst against a system which has systematically broken all rules of engagement!
    Over 66 years it has come to power through keeping the polity ignorant, working on caste based politics and dividing the society on the lines of religion. But then you must compliment the likes of Mr Aiyar of their single minded focus… to remain in power by hook or crook and they will resort to every and any means to do so; scruples is not something they have heard off, they don’t believe in any principles – just be in power…
    and the sycophancy has reached such levels that it doesn’t matter that they are projecting a person for leading the country who has not even led a football team – forget the country, someone who has regularly failed to deliver, someone who has no experience, who is NOT from the grass roots and thus has no connect, and though he portrays as a YOUth leader is far from it; what leader? does he even understand the word! Mr Aiyar can only see that he is from Doon and that is a good enough qualification to have.
    Well Mr Aiyar… sorry, it does not work that way anymore. Your days are numbered and you and the likes of you must seek another profession.

  73. very succinctly put. hard hitting piece. enough with this arrogant lot of sychophants of whom Aiyar is the worst. who can forget how he fawned all over RaGa ‘s father and called him sweet prince? Aiyar sahib, you were consigned to the dustbin of history long back, you have lost your relevance even in the eyes of the FAMILY (look how they are castigating you for this comment too), stay in your cosy dustbin with your “people like us”. It uis high time institutions like St Stephen’s which are so elitist and perpetuate an aura of arrogance and promote undemocratic values are taken down the map of new India.

  74. Aiyer Jee must know that his boss will make PARADISE CAFE @ HYDERABAD
    into a parlament house where he will be sipping Irani chai and eating biryani..May be he thinks these are the right qualities required for a leader of this country and size.His loose comments will only spoil his own goal.

  75. You have echoed my thoughts so accurately and put it across so succintly that i for a moment thought that i was looking at my mind in a mirror. Thanks a ton for bringing it out in the open.

    Mani Shankar Aiyar is not only steeped in snobbery he is a morally corrupt person as is the supposedly honest PM. That these erudite people can stoop so low to genuflect to a person who has nothing to show for in the forty odd years that he has been on planet earth except his lineage speaks volumes of their chicanery and single minded resolve to further their selfish agendas.

    I have watched him on tv many a times and the only sentiment he invokes in me is revulsion. His body language, demeanour, theories, mindset put me off totally. In my opinion people of his ilk are a clear and present danger for the country. The earlier we get rid of them the better off will we be.

  76. Thanks Bindu for this excellent write up and some counter-punch to the unsavoury comment by MSA. Maybe the media in its wish to increase TRP’s behaves this way and incessantly talks about it; debates it on its prime time; and keeps the debate raging. However, be that as it may, seasoned politicians (and MSA is quite seasoned here) should be aware of the reach and TRP induced power of the media to be more cautious.

    In an election year, we may yet see more slander and mud-slinging from all contestants and this year the only beneficiaries, if any, are going to the visual media houses because like me, there may be million others, who are going to watch news channels more than the serials and films.

  77. Well written Bindu. However you missed the point that Mr Aiyar is well liked by the Gandhi parivar since he saves a lot of money for them They never need to buy toilet paper at all. That is also the reason why he has got such slimy tongue

  78. Even I am from Doon School and let me clarify people like Mani Aiyyar are a rarity….and I also feel ashamed of people like Mani Aiyyar but please don’t generalise your opinion about my school alumni..

  79. An even earlier appraisal of Mr Aiyar’s antics. To be fair to him, he is unabashedly loyal to his party, even when, as the saying goes, ‘Right or Wrong’.

    “13 December 2012

    The Off-putting Panellist: Mani Shankar Aiyar

    ‘Even if one were to nominate other contenders for this most-prized of all categories, Mr Aiyar would probably hear none of it. Short of tripping them on the podium stairs and hurling a flower vase at them – then lampooning their alma mater in no small measure, he would do everything within his powers to run off with the figurine held tight to his chest. I have nothing to say but I’ll say it anyway, said Fellini’s Guido famously, and it seems Mr Aiyar has taken this to heart. He shouts, he sneers, he spews, he derides, he gloats, and yet, he appears every day on every News Channel, talking down at people, correcting their grammar and diction, quoting Eliot, Shakespeare, and himself. It must be a well-fed goat that went into making Mr Aiyar’s drum considering that he’s been beating it since airwaves were invented. There’s only one man in India who can set Mr Aiyar on the righteous path, but he has his own worries presently. That man is Ram Jethmalani.’

  80. What Mani Shankar Aiyar did was wrong but for NaMo to use MSA’s faux pas to garner votes by bringing up his humble past in all his speeches is also unnecessary. And hypocritic too. I’m sure he does not have his chai from a chaiwalla at the railway station nor does he travel by train. He has forgotten his humble past and remembers it now as it smells of votes.
    This lady is no different. Her great grandmother used to sell idlis and her her husband brought L’oreal to India and her father in law was a teacher and her dad wrote temple accounts…so what? To bring up Lal Bahadur Shastri and her own humble past to highlight one’s achievements is nothing but hypocritic. Dignity in labour is a far away from the truth in India. I am pretty sure that this woman does not give the same respect to a chaiwalla, temple accountant or an idli seller in her town the way she talks about her humble background.
    Just because I and some others had a privileged upbringing, that does not make us any less respectful.

  81. By passing cheap remarks, they think they can demean a person. Try to play fair at least. Losers, if they have their way we will move from democracy to dynasty rule on paper also.

  82. “Money” with his “cobra tongue” has,despite his intent, unwittingly galvanised the grassroot workewrs of BJP and boosted their morale which was sagging a bit after the AAP showing.His belief that the only route to gain loyalty of the family and a cabinet berth is launching a reletless and vicious attack on the opposition has at best been rewarded with a Rajyasabha nomination.He is neurotic about the three letters BJP and also RSS and trusts Nawaz Shariff more than the BJP leaders.
    Keep up the good work “Mani”. You will be suitably rewarded after the 2014 elections as a manager of the Government Tea estate at Munnar, commensurate with your qualification and St.Stphenian, ostentatious English.

  83. I believe Mr Ayer has been misunderstood. Hi subjection is not to humble origins, but to skin color of the humble origins. You see after all he is serving Madam Waitress or perhaps a Bar maid.

    • Do you mean to say, calling NaMo a chaiwaala is wrong, but you can call Sonia a bar maid which is within your right?

      • If barmaid can be given so much power without the responsibility, then why the problem with chaiwala?

      • Who stopped Sonia from taking responsibility? She certainly would have done far better than MMS regime. But BJP goons and Uma Bjarti?Sushma Swaraj prevented Sonia from taking over as PM, against the majority voters who wanted her to be PM.

      • Capt Tom
        sonia is not an Indian citizen and it was the constitution of India that finally stopped her from becoming PM and not the BJP. We are a country of 1 billion and still we want a foreigner to “rule” us.

  84. What Mani Shankar Aiyar did was wrong but for NaMo to use MSA’s faux pas to garner votes by bringing up his humble past in all his speeches is also unnecessary. And hypocritic too. I’m sure he does not have his chai from a chaiwalla at the railway station nor does he travel by train. He has forgotten his humble past and remembers it now as it smells of votes

  85. Hi Bindu,
    Well said.But i dont think bloody damn M Aiyar who happens to be sycophant of Dynasty ever understand greatness of other peopl.He is some one who brought up in such a culture that he dont know how to respect some one other than gandhi family.

  86. well articulated article with the right punches at appropriate references. hoping against hope congress does not win any seats n TN. then we will see all of them run helter & pelter to safe gaurd their ill gotten wealth.

  87. Ms Bindu krishnan,

    Where were you when Sonia Gandhi was called Bar dancer and Waitress? Where were you when Rahul was falsely accused of rape and kidnap? Where were you when Na Mo was abusing the duo for anything and everything including stashing of black money abroad? Why did you never object to the tantrums of Uma Bharti and Sushma Swaraj to prevent Sonia from becoming PM when she got majority? If you respect the constitution of India, you will know well that every citizen is equal, then why forbid madam Sonia from being PM of India? Go through the columns of our news papers and see the amount of abuses your beloved party workers are showering on the lady and her son, just because she happened to be an Italian by birth, but still falls in that same category of poor.

    Have you ever thought of the big game played by Narendra Modi, for his own well being in Gujarat? Nobody can forget and forgive him for the evil crimes he committed against the innocents in Gujarat. Why have you not raised your voice against that? Calling NaMo a chaiwaala is not such a crime that you cannot forego, considering that your party workers were even worse in that act.

    Having said all the above, let me be frank, that I am also against the statement made by Mr Aiyar with whom I traveled together once from Cochin to Chennai, sitting on adjacent seats, just before last general elections. Let me also disclose to you that I too have humble beginning, being son of a School Teacher.

    Probably you may be aiming at a BJP ticket in your TN Constituency. All the very best!

    Capt Tom Joseph, BSc; AFNI

    • What about kashmiri pandits and rasakars movement, these were done during the congress regimes, sikh roits so I can go on digging congress graves , what about bhopal gas leak how Arjun singh and Rajiv gandhi helped the union carbide CEO escape…….
      Are they accountable?
      Gujarat is regrettable what happened to the victims of Godhra does anyone talk abt them? This should not be happening but pinning everything to one man is clearly a witch hunt and unfortunate.

      Hope the people have some sense and vote the best guy like modi to take the country forward, compared to confused Rahul Gandhi who does not know what do with his own life let alone think of the country.

    • Dear Capt Tom, since you have mentioned “my party” it’s important for me to clarify – I am a regular corporate worker and don’t belong to any political party nor intend to. Anybody making personal comments about another party leader is unacceptable and Modi making derogatory comments on Sonia Gandhi is unacceptable. I didn’t write to Mr. Aiyar because he said something to Modi, if he had made a similar comment about Arvind Kejriwal or any of his own colleagues, I would have written similarly. I just didn’t like the superiority tone of his and his snobbish behavior. Unfortunately I don’t watch news much or read the newspapers, I accidentally happened to see the episode on some news channel in a hospital where my husband was recovering from a procedure. I love my country and I want to see India back on the growth path with decent people as leaders – don’t care which party they belong to, educational background, their skin color, religion, regional affiliations, or language.

      Hope this clarifies my stand for some other comments as well about my true intentions.


    • Capt Tom Joseph,

      Both Christianity and Italians are aliens to we Hindus / Indians.

      In the USA, an American citizen cannot become the President there UNLESS he / she is born in THAT LAND!!! However, many Indian here have adopted what is foreign and foreigner!!! Perhaps, the long tenure of slavery has THRUSTED this SECULARISM on us which at least I do NOT accept.

      Yes, UNFORTUNATELY, the constitution has stated that all citizens in this country are equal. But people like Iyer along with Italians have violated this very constitution by giving subsidy to Muslims and salary to Mullahs who have shamelessly accepted. It is the money of the Hindus which is being distributed and NOT out of the Italian Dowry!!! We as Hindus, do NOT get any subsidy for any pilgrimage!! India is the only country / nation for Hindus, whereas, Christians and Muslims have OTHER country / nations to SUPPORT. I do NOT know how much of Incentive / commission is remitted here by Vatican!

      I am a very proud Hindu and I do NOT have to prove to the world that I am secular by throwing away the sacred thread, not following / observing Hindu worshipping, customs etc etc. which you dear friend does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      When Indira Gandhi was assassinated, this Italian lady of yours had almost finalized plans to MOVE to Italy. I do NOT know about you, but I as a Hindu have no choice to go anywhere under any circumstance but be here in India as its the only SAFE PLACE for the Hindus.

      I am not sure whether Bindu wants a BJP ticket but, you surely seem to be wanting one from the congress!!

    • “Probably you may be aiming at a BJP ticket in your TN Constituency. All the very best!”

      While we are attributing motives, are you supporting the barmaid because she a catholic? And the Sikh riots are no concern to you? and the corruption in and daylight robbery of India by this party of your heroine is no concern to you? And the endless conversion of Hindus under her watch are not a blow to Indian pluralism?
      All the very best to you too and if you are truly a member of the Indian armed forces I salute you for that and only that.

  88. Ms. Bindu, very well written. But, Saranathan, I think has wrongly mentioned his friend’s mother as waitress instead of his friends wife.

  89. Is this what they teach in St. Stephen’s, Doon school, Tripos College.

    Thank god not many Indians children in India did schooling.

    Is this what one learns from Indian Foreign Service, IAS…

    Is Congress Leaders still expecting the youth of India to still believe that only Nehru Dynasty has the right to Govern Republic of India.

    God save India from the dynasty with its goondas…..let common man rule

  90. Not sure if my earlier comment got posted 🙁 Seem to be having trouble with wordpress sites. If there is u can delete this one.

    I remember an old movie called Aiyar the great and after his comment I always refer him like that. He tried to be naugh”tea” with his statements and got burned. He is a perfect embodiment of all the jokes however cliched they are.Let me list three of my fav that suit him to a T

    1. Light is faster than sound – Some people appear bright till you hear them speak !

    2. Wisdom doesn’t always accompany age,sometimes age comes alone !

    3. “I was born intelligent but education ruined me” err or maybe not abt the born intelligent part

    Good stuff Bindu


  91. If we are to react to every silly comment the politicians make, we would be wasting our precious time and energy. I am just watching what is happening near Rail Bhavan right now, the Delhi Chief Minister courting arrest, policemen nonplussed, Law Minister of Delhi saying that the Home Minister regularly gets money from Delhi police, etc etc. Delhi CM openly calling women to come out and protest if they want to save their daughters from being raped ( thinks he can prevent rapes if the Delhi police is placed under him). I am sick and tired of the whole three penny opera that is Indian politics. We should have better things to do than shoot off lengthy blogs on these nincompoops. May be you let off the steam as you wanted to have a catharsis for your agitated mind.

    Btw Cipla was not started at the behest of Gandhiji. It was started in 1935 and Gandhiji visited it in 1939 and advised the founder Dr K A Hameid to make affordable medicines for the common people. Dr Hameid was the co-founder of Jamia Milia and a staunch nationalist.

  92. Well-written indeed! Hits it at the right place…. if it exists at all. MSA could you clarify if it has hit you at all? Never mind MSA. You are such a shame to your roots. You are an atheist but haven’t bothered about continuing with Aiyar as your surname.. Hey don’t we see a similarity here… ‘Gandhi’ and ‘Aiyar’ point in exactly the opposite direction to what these white-collared hoodlums stand for.
    Bravo MSA! Your behaviour, attitude, belief, conduct are all an anti-thesis to your ‘pedigree’. Maybe you should brush up on your sanskrit, if you ever knew that is; so let me put it in your language, err the queen’s language – Education leads to humility. Do we find a few common words missing in MSA’s vocabulary? I am referring to humility…

  93. Fantastic ! Very well written Bindu ji… Any right thinking person would echo your sentiments & would love to see the back of MSA & his party which is the epitome of dynastic rule. MSA is an arrogant person who is what he is today thanks to psychophancy which is the basis of functioning of the oldest political party of India.

  94. Ms Bindu
    I doff my hat to you. You have so beautifully captured the sentiments of a majority of Indians who seek Independence from the Dynasty.
    One believes in the karmic theory…Guess India’s collective karma would have BJP coming in power. Optimism is a force multiplier…..

  95. Time that Aiyar got a Jhadoo ki jaapi going his way. Recall Manorama’s dialogue in a movie, ” Evan vaayillae poondhu ottrai aadikaanum”

  96. Ms. Bindu, very well written. Hopefully all this frustration turns up into votes and make it the end of Congress rule forever in India.

  97. Dear Ms Krishnan,

    Why are you surprised at the comment made by the eminent littérateur, MSA. He is the man who wrote the following in Outlook Magazine on July 30, 2012.

    “Democracy in America apparently means the right of the lower orders to be rude to their social superiors.”

  98. MSI is a lunatic. He does not deserve any reply. He will fade away from the political scene in about 4 months and no one will go near him. But the BJP should not leave him and take suitable action at the right time

  99. A marvellous answer. But all the congress is in deep sleep they won’t wake up. Moreover they just talk about the common man but don’t work for them.

  100. Well written. Time to Kick Congress rats out and bring Modi to clean up. Especially Sonia Gandhi, her son-in-law, son all should be investigated for corruption. Foreign policy towards SRI LANKA should be changed and perpetrators of 2009 Tamil genocide should be brought to justice. Congress officials has blood in their hands in helping Rajapaksa family orchestrate the killings of 100,000+ innocent lives. To make things worst, they have fallen to the demands of Sri Lanka and let China in so close to South India more than ever before.

  101. Read your blog for the first time. Excellent and a real eye opener. Shared it without your permission as it is worth going viral.

  102. I agree with you – At least Kapil Sibal is responsible for destroying the education system and gift of Lalu

  103. Hema Parekh, Hope you are a Gujrathi Brahmin! If not, then can you clarify me that who is Brahmin of Congress here? Blame him individually. Don’t spoil the name of entire community. Dirty fishes are always there in every lake, our duty is to throw out them, instead blaming the all fishes is not correct.

    Why are you blaming Brahmins? Don’t you think it’s not at all right?
    Brahmins are the strength of Hinduism, if Brahmins are finished, then Hinduism is in difficulty.

    Swapnil Natu.

  104. This was well written, but please don’t defend the BJP on the pretext of being “Corruption free or clean”. The country expected a gargantuan amount of change from the AAP government in Delhi, and look what’s happening. Kejriwal is conveying messages(however valid they are) in immensely immature fashion, one that is unfitting for the CM of Delhi, and the leader of the party deemed to change the country. The same hype of riding on crowd support is what is backing the BJP and Mr. Modi. The BJP is AS CORRUPT, if not more corrupt than the AICC. Unfortunately for you, if Mr. Modi comes to power, he is not going to act as Batman and solve every problem which has plagued our society. He has a cabinet to work with and a party to advise and listen to. This party, the BJP doesn’t have a great track record. So please don’t expect Mr. Modi to be some sort of savior.
    Also, in your article, you’ve made extremely personal comments about Rahul Gandhi. “Reduced a Cambridge educated man to a puppet PM”, was one such comment among many. Kindly remember that on a personal level, Mr.Modi has been accused of stalking a woman he once had an affair with and as we all know, isn’t number one on your Secular list. Guess what, secularism is a basic ideal of democracy and Mr.Modi’s reluctance to act at the time of the riots kind of goes against that very ideal, and you expect him to be the PM of the world’s largest democracy?
    Good day ma’am. Don’t let the PR and your partisan view of an overrated media phenomenon that is Narendra Modi consume you.

    • Well said. There was no need for Ms. Bindu to point out MSA’s caste. I am also a Brahmin and proud of it. But I do not hate or abuse other castes. There was nothing wrong in MSA calling Modi a chaiwallah. That was what he was and that cannot be erased from history, which of course Modi does not understand. Why did Bindu slam MSA for calling him a Chaiwallah and not a word about about Modi calling Sunanda Tharoor ( May her soul rest in peace) a 50 crore wife as if Tharoor had purchased her. And what about the crores Modi is spending on stalking a young girl with the tax payers money? What is he hiding? Has he done something to the girl and does not want the facts to come out? And remember Modi who authorised the massacre of thousands in the 2002 riots. Have you heard any of his ministers opposing him. They are all silenced. And the final way he silenced his close aide Haren Pandya for his objections. If Modi becomes PM I am sure the party top brass like Advani, Swaraj etc will forever regret their choice. And please note that BJP is as corrupt like any other corrupt party. The have Gadkari, Yeddyurapa etc.

      And anish. I hope more people come out like you

  105. Products of foreign universities must be banned from occupying constitutional posts in this country. Their education is irrelevant in this country, so are their ideas. Like British Imperialists they don’t like Indians or any other made in India product leave aside Indian tea or tea vendors. This is why they are advocating FDI. Gandhi family is using people like Mani Shankar Iyer as their paid executives.

    Then East India company and now Gandhi family in India, same modus operandi loot here and stash away in west.

  106. All the indian citizens know WHO WAS MOPPING TABLE IN LONDON and and how they become leaders in India.. people like aiyer has to survive behind them else..he will go back to myladuthurai..to sit in the temple to eat..PONGAL>>>..cheap…so cheaap..days are counted for congress party and people like Aiyer..

  107. Kamarajar irunda congress ah idhu…? vedanai Avamanam.. vetkam…!!

    So as per Mr.MS Aiyar… Kamarajar who worked in a garment store from when he was 12 years old.. should never have become an MP or for that matter CM of TN..? Leave alone having been president of INC…. It’s a shame that this is the same power hungry INC that Kamarajar lead by example by nominating Bhaktavatsalam and Subramaniam who contested his leadership….

    Evalavu Kamarajar vandalum MS Aiyar madiri aalunga tirunda maatanga….

  108. A well drafted letter by the Auther Binduji. Many officers of Congress Inc. speak foul language and then apologise or retract. Corruption cases involving Congress leaders are well known and exposed but the Party keeps shielding the very corrupt leaders. Some of leaders in BJP may be corrupt but the level of corruption is very meager compared to Congress. We know of NAMO being honest, hardworking, experienced and visionary. He looks of India as a manufacturing hub and every citizen occupied instead of doling out subsidies and making the countrymen lethargic. Other leaders known to be in race for prime minister post lack experience of governance and have no vision compared to NAMO who has shown his mettle running Gujarat Government for over 10 years. Country will be safe in his hands.

  109. It is time men in congress must ask themselves a question if they themselves have better credentials than Gandhi family or else! Men like Mr Aiyer have morally degenerated. By opening mouth they only prove they do not exist! Imagine the scenario if centre is occupied with some other party in power. Mr Aiyer would become redundant.They should not be taken seriously. Bad publicity is also publicity and It serves the purpose of Mr Aiyer so long we keep criticising him. AAP has started the political process for people’s participation in decision making. Efficient and successful democracies are today what they are only because of their inherent strength that they derive from people’s participation. Mr Aiyer appears to be a pygmy when compared to person like Aruna Roy who also had a position in administrative service of this country and had a dream to contribute. Mr Aiyer chose the servitude while Mrs Aruna Roy served the indian democracy by giving us RTI. She and her contribution must be talked instead! people must know more details about her and her struggle.

  110. Even assuming he made the remarks in a not-so-serious way, I wonder what has he to say about all the Gujarat success story – probably not a chai-wala then uh! Considering that even Cong-I chooses to distance itself away from his remarks I guess he is just out there trying to make headlines. He has to know he lost his relevance long back. Sometimes I feel if MSA is helping out BJP with the comments he makes?

  111. Even assuming he made the remarks in a not-so-serious way, I wonder what has he to say about all the Gujarat success story – probably not a chai-wala then uh! Considering that even Cong-I chooses to distance itself away from his remarks I guess he is just out there trying to make headlines. He has to know he lost his relevance long back. Sometimes I feel if MSA is helping out BJP with the comments he makes?

  112. My cousin brother has passed out of Doon school. He is a kind , compassionate, brilliant young man. I on the other hand, have studied in St. Thomas school, kidderpore. It is not like Doon school. I wish I could have attended Doon school- just for it’s library!. Both of us are Brahmins. Both of us have been brought up by my aunt. We were never taught arrogance, in fact I didn’t think we had enough money while growing up- We did. We just didn’t show it. My father and my aunt have both had Hindi medium education. While my grandfather was a member of the Congress when it was first formed, I know he would have been disappointed in the government , now.

    My point is this: Neither Education, nor connections or money can make one a worthy person. It is the upbringing and our own efforts.

    By generalizing, you are being unfair. Extremely
    However, I appreciate the sentiment of the article- it is almost like the one
    I am expressing, here.

    I really hope that while opposing segregation, we do not become enablers without meaning to.

  113. Though i do not support the congress or BJP i think its a very well written article….. and a strong response to snobbery in indian politics…….

    one typo ” oxford educated” rather than “cambridge educated”

  114. Is a waste of time advising Mani Shankar and the like.Being a Brahmin myself,I do not want to call this man an Iyer.He is a shame and curse for the brahmin community.what is the use of being born in a so called upper caste,educated and(un)cultured,when your mind refuses to rise from the gutter,stinking mentality.Probably SAHAVASA DOSHAM?

  115. madam…do not take their words seriously and get peturbed…this is what is called viswasam….to your muthalali…take it easy take it easy….turn your attention towards encouraging tea wallhs rather than these fellows…let us focus on real issue in india. and talk about it, discuss about it…and do something to achieve what we feel right for the society…god bless u…your courage should be preserved and used at appropriate time…

  116. Good one Bindu, it only proves that wisdom is not at the mercy of intellect, my uneducated grandmother had wisdom par excellence. These so called Doon and Stephan going self proclaimed intellectuals may posses intellect which is nothing but sum total of our memory but are completely devoid of intelligence. Intellect is the lowest rung of the ladder and intelligence is the highest rung, he is glued to the lowest level, guess the baggage is too heavy for him to even take the next step.

  117. wow!!! Bindu!

    I don’t know when i read such a wonderful letter anytime. I would like to print this in an “In Land Letter” and post it to Mr.ManiShankar Aiyer. I am not supposed to use FedEx as I studied in govt. school in a “Kugram” of Karnataka. I got a chance to use bench only @ 5th std and till then it was on floor. Mr.Aiyer, you lost your credibility and sick mind is exposed by your own dirty tongue.

  118. It is time for reverse untouchability. If BJP people have any self respect they should boycott any panel discussion which has MSI.Unfortunately these BJP guys have no self respect they will swallow all insults and lift their index her up like school kids when all these left leaning anchors give a damn for them.

  119. It is time for reverse untouchability. If BJP people have any self respect they should boycott any panel discussion which has MSI.Unfortunately these BJP guys have no self respect,They will swallow all insults and lift their index finger her up like school kids when all these left leaning anchors give a damn for them.

  120. Ms. Bindu,

    Great bindu…. wonderful letter… shared it……whatever i wanted to express was in ur letter. dont worry for bad comments….god bless you and be with you.

  121. Well Bindu..your letter seems to have generated a lot of heat….and the deluge of comments which have flooded my mail box..have indicated that perhaps I need to get denotified…its quite a flood 🙂

  122. the letter was a novel idea
    we are against mr aiyer’s statements and his attitude and not his caste
    modi or no modi…your approach is extremely offensive…dont you people ever introspect in your lifetime???????

  123. good article, but y do u address as Mr.Aiyar and generalize a particular community, he s Manishankar, period !…he is self claimed rationalist by himself and a boot-licker of Rajiv gandhi family,can’t expext a better statement from this a*****

  124. First Thing First, wonderfully written article. I’m not commenting on the content yet, but the flow.. Awesome mam 🙂
    The content is a fitting reply to the arrogance that has grown in the congress party (Or should I which was always existing). The persona of Aiyar on TV debates, shows how cheap his mentality is, and his blatant disregard to anyone who doesnt believe his friend R. Gandhi was the best Indian Ever. And As one may find faults in Modi, ( which are quite a few, and i dont count 2002 as a fault of his ) he has at least done a ground level improvement in his home state. Will he do it on national scene, no one knows, but all I know at present he is the only man capable to do so. To haunt him as a tea person who dont know India,is actually the disconnect that the elite congressmen have with India. I would want to know how did Mani Aiyar agree with the candidature of Sonia Gandhi in 2004, when she was not even been in India for a long time. If education was a qualification, surely Pranab Mukherjee should have been the PM, when Indira died. And speaking of Indira,what were her qualifications that Aiyar thought were suitable for her to be PM.

  125. Humble beginning,hard work,sincerity,leadership quality etc.were rewarded with power and authority is history.Some people believe in inheritance.Average Indian is becoming wise.Let him decide his fate to be ruled or overruled by his on vote.

  126. Fitting reply.. am sure you will have a chance to draft a fitting obituary for the UPA-II, dynasty & sycophants like Mr Aiyer.. very very soon

  127. Mani Shanker Aiyyer has always been known to be uncouth and illmannered. He is in the habbit of shooting off his mouth. So not many take him and his stupid comments seriously. He always has an sad and morose expression which reveals his inner character.
    Burjor Bharucha.

  128. mani shankara aiyan doesnt even deserve this sincere post. He is also an average cheap crooked mean politician just well read like chidambaram. He promised almost 25 years back that he will convert mayiladuthurai into Singapore . 3 tenures out of which two consective ..Lets ignore this idiot major population doent even know him

  129. It is not what you were before you dreamt of becoming PM of a country that matters. It is the present thought or dream that counts. I agree with what you have to say to Mr. Aiyer (you have the right to your opinions) although I do not know him but my thoughts on Modi wanting to become PM are questions only!

    A man who boasts of having brought huge changes and development to Gujarat did not prove it to me. I traveled to Gujarat just recently and am still in shock. What development? The bus station was water logged and muddy in the rainy season. The buses are tin cans. The roads are not finished with some love and caring to show development. Nothing is finished properly in India, and most importantly I had an opportunity to go to the police station. I was assaulted in Gujarat and therefore had to report the matter. I walked into the main Police station of the city I was in. Oh what a shame. The police have not been computerised yet when the whole world has computers either in their pockets or their homes. Then I walked into a little circular ruin which was also a police chawki and then a third which had no signs outside that it was a police station. Two desks took up 3/4 space of the room, the police were eating paan continuously spitting in their filthy dustbins. He is allowed to dream but the lies that go with his dream are unacceptable to an intelligent mind. And he would rather spend over 2000 crore rupees on building a statue, the tallest in the world, than use it for development.

    The government hospital I was taken to in the middle of the night (because I was terribly ill) did not have any lighting in the toilets, no running water and stank. It was just beside the emergency ward. The sheets were dirty, the hospital cramped and in terrible shape. Dont tell me this is a vision of the future PM of India? I am also not of the same calibre as you mention but I do feel that an honest, reliable and deserving person maybe better as our PM than anyone you mention.

    And what about the most important person in India, an italian woman, who has another id for her travel needs or whatever she does with her money? She is portrayed as more important than the PM we have. Is that not abuse of the PM seat and position? What did she do before now and what she does now? We have never been independent of white skin. It is an inferiority complex we have learnt. Look at the ads on TV for Fair and Lovely and in our country the man will be the darkest but he wants a fair wife.

    Then comes the next dreamer. Her beloved son. Is this all congress can come up with? But congress has destroyed India has it not? What else can you expect but more destruction from them?

  130. Hats off BK……. The present ruling party with its firangi leader cambridge puppet and the C S coterie are a shame to this great nation…, how come a national party like INC cannot face the election without a Gand(h)i ? For how long will this party fool the 1 billion + voters..??? Why blame these scrupulous nethas…after all they are practicing their trade brilliantly and we as a nation are being taken for a roller coaster ride on the sly……. Let NaMo a true Indian be the PM this time and not by an autistic half breed nit wit Ra(h)ul Vinci Gand(h)i. MSA if U r there somewhere please read what BK has posted and mend your ways by being a true Indian and not a C L B…….

  131. Hats off BK……. The present ruling party with its firangi leader cambridge puppet and the coterie are a shame to this great nation…, how come a national party like INC cannot face the election without a Gand(h)i ? For how long will this party fool the 1 billion + voters..??? Why blame these scrupulous nethas…after all they are practicing their trade brilliantly and we as a nation are being taken for a roller coaster ride on the sly……. Let NaMo a true Indian be the PM this time and not by an autistic half breed nit wit Ra(h)ul Vinci Gand(h)i. MSA if U r there somewhere please read what BK has posted and mend your ways by being a true Indian and not a chaprasi…….

  132. Very well written and I hope that some Hardcore congressi should read this, these people are high on their arrogance level, they should be given a royal treatment, and the best one is give them a “babaji Ka Thullu” in coming elections !!
    As geeta says, the one who is arrogant and living with false pride, is having a inner fear that someday he will be vanished, and the day is coming …….

  133. Dear, Mrs. Krishnan. I really liked your letter and above all I liked the fact that the company I work for has leaders who are down to earth and have not forgotten there past. I am a son of a farmer and was born in a small village in Delhi. I went to a government school and completed my graduation through distance learning. I’m personally against the corrupt party and don’t want to see them ruling us anymore. However, do you really think that someone like Mr, Modi can give us a corruption free, developed India? I like the way he speaks and his face expressions but does that really mean he has the competence to deliver what India needs today? He is someone with allegations of disturbing communal harmony and peace of a state with his speeches. Just want to know your perspective! 🙂

    • Dear Gurvinder, The sad truth is we don’t have much of a choice. On one side we have Congress that is clearly not what we want, and on the other hand is BJP and Modi, who again is not an easy choice, whether his image is created by the media or by Congress, or it’s all true, the regular public like us will never know. Given what we have as choice, Modi seems a shade better than having Rahul Gandhi at the helm of affairs. Ideal would be someone who is corruption free and is a great leader, but there is really no one like that right now. AAP is too young in its existence to be a credible alternative in the 2014 elections, otherwise they do present a great opportunity for clean politics.

  134. In our country people oppose for sake of opposing as they are in opposition without understanding the situation.If lalooji with brains ka tablela can rule bizarre why not Modify? He also has dreams of Purna swarajya did Bhagat Singh die for this India
    congress Pattern is Gandhi new kava that if after 68y ears we still have to remember Gandhiji ne kaha that what did we do in 67years accept the rich Became RICHER and the POOR became poorer.

  135. Obviously, as per the culture of their party Mr.Mani Shankar Iyer, would have taken tea supply contract to the CWC meeting, and wanted to make a scam of it. Because the scam, wherever possible is their traditional rights. 2G scam, Coalgate scam and now Tea Party scam. Shame Mr. Mani Shankar Iyer; how did you do the IFS career.

  136. This is one of the best letter in the month of Jan 2014 read by me. Mani Shankar Iyer Shameless will be isolated after election. So nothing to worry. Nochur Sreeni

  137. hi Bidu,
    you are very correct any Indian irrespective of financial,social,Birth,caste and so-called other criteria can hold ay posotio in this country if he have requisite educational qualification but only politician can be at highest post irrespective of their educational qualification but having best oratory, ability to lie and capability to give any false promises and never to care about fulfeeling the same.
    I fully agree with your disagreement with Mr.Iyer,s comment on a politician as chaiwala, but at the same time also donot agree with you comparing politician in subject with great great Dr.Shri Radhakrishana, Shri Lal Bahadur Shashtriji,and other old time politicains. in their time ,under their rule none one group was one given free hand to attack another group of Indians . In their rule Land at thraw price as low as at Rs.1./00 to Rs36/00 per Sq.Mtr to particular Industrialist was not given ,In their rule not these many IAS,IPS Officers are in jail and also not Home Minister of state had asked police force to snoop/stalking a woman.

  138. It was sickening to see Mani shankar Iyer licking the backsides of Gandhi family on NDTV. The man is a spineless cretin with no dignity and self respect. Not only a disgrace to India but a worthless sycophant.

  139. Dear Bindu,

    Don’t waste your time.

    It is not worth paying attention to people who so far lived thinking they are superior to others and were born in rich families.

    Time has come for us to treat our people with love and respect. They have been waiting for this day for over 100 years.

    We have to just make sure that these kind of people never come back to power.

    But, thank you for saying our `Dil ki Baat’

    Brij Vaish

  140. Excellent letter…not that it is going to rub off on the likes of the pompous Aiyar and his delhi elite creed. Nevertheless, point well made.

  141. Your letter almost made my eye wet. I think time has come to make the chaiwala our pm. I m sure he will serve the nation with passion. Would like to know more about you.

  142. Well expressed reaction, madam.
    Mani shankar aiyar was a communist and anti-national. He found he can not win anything with that in India. So he decided the next best option, that is to be against the Nationalists. He joins congress for opposing nationalist forces only. This is a lesson for other communists. They will have to takes sides of not only congress Congress but also organisations like Let, as all of them are against Nationalist forces.
    Aiyar is infamous for saying much worse (and a double edged) remark about a UP Political leader.

  143. Although this is a well written letter, and I appreciate the author’s sentiment that anyone can be PM, I have two problems with it. One: I do believe she is taking MS Aiyar’s comment out of context. MS Aiyar did not say ‘a chaiwallah cannot be PM’. He said Modi is ‘not going to be PM in the 21st century’. There is a big difference. Then he took a dig at his chaiwallah image being better suited to him. Modi himself has been trumpeting his chaiwallah status for PR, so he should be prepared for a dig like this from the opposition. In fact, he is probably tickled pink that someone made such a comment. Two: I happen to disagree with the author that Modi is fit to be PM. If he gets a chance to be in control, the extent to which he might abuse his power to further the RSS Hindutva agenda is a nightmare every secular Indian should be afraid of. His Decisive INaction during the Gujarat riots would have buried him politically if he hadn’t hired an excellent PR firm to change the conversation completely to one about ‘development’. Of course, we need economic development, but are we prepared to see our country lose all secular, even humanitarian, morals while chasing economic prosperity? A corrupt Congress party may not be a good choice, but is a genocidal thug the only alternative? Are you that desperate to get rich guys? The older son of Gujarat, Gandhi, would have greatly disapproved of Modi. Now I understand that Gandhi does not have many fans among the new generation but his message of non-violence and secular unity is a good one for all Indians to remember. That tolerant spirituality is what makes India great, and raises it above the status of just another poor country trying to get rich in a hurry.

  144. Disgraced to find someone from the Iyer fraternity making such comments. He has become senile. I was watching the Times News the other day. The way he reacted to Shaina was very bad. Behaves like a roadside Goonda.

  145. Hope this post reaches Mani Aiyar! He is a nobody in his party. He is passing comment to get into the good books of Rahul. But it might backfire on him, I am sure!

    When I read about Shastriji, I thought of APJ. But somebody had already quoted it. I know many people judge him as one of the best President we had. May be he was elected because of his caste in the beginning but he was sincere to his prestigious post and everybody admire him as a person too.

    Good to know you, Bindu!

  146. Appropriate.But you should. thank Mr.Aiyar for focussing our attention to this issue.Poor people who have proved themselves have a mission.They have brought +ve changes worldwide.

  147. Undoubtlly congress is the most corrupt party,congress gov had been involved in corruption .now congress must go
    nation wants India without congress .Even Gandhiji asked congress to finish themselves after independence.Modi shall have to rule india Aiyar is Chaplus of Gandhi family.

    Vote for Modi,vote for India,

  148. for one you are right
    you didnt have bhagyalakshmi aiyar as yiour mother
    you seem to be doing well inspite of your impressive CV
    did yousay a school master what regard COMMENDABLE

  149. Dear Bindu, Thank u so very much for writing this letter to mr Iyer.. Its a direct slap on his face. Perhaps this man mr Iyer doesnt know his civics well. Thank u putting d facts on his face…

  150. Fantastic Bindu….its a very well-written letter. BTW, this dynastic rule over the last 60 years…direct or indirect has created so much of mess…..only a catastrophe can save the country now…:(

  151. Well written Bindu…btw, this Congress has created so much of mess in the country over the last 60 years that I feel only a catastrophe can fix things right now

  152. Will you please ask Mr Narendra Modi what right he has got to call late Sunanda Pushkar a ‘Rs 50 crore girlfriend’ or what right Mr Pravin Togadia had when he called Sonia Gandhi a ‘dog from Italy’? Mr Modi calls Rahul ‘Shehzada’. Had Rahul been really a ‘Shehzada’ and India a kingdom established by Nehru after the departure of the British, then the chaiwala Modi could never have aspired to become PM. A single bad word about Nehru and the Gandhis would have landed him in jail had India been Nehru’s kingdom. Mr Modi must be thankful to the liberal and democracy-loving Nehru who moulded India as a modern democracy where Mr Modi, Ms Mayawati, Mr Arvind Kejriwal, Mr Rajesh Pilot (he used to supply milk to MP bungalows) and other people from humble backgrounds could aspire for and achieve politically powerful posts. But he loves to belittle Nehru in the eyes of young India by painting Patel as a better leader than Nehru. Young India must know that Nehru was the choice of Gandhi as PM in the same way today Mr Modi is the choice of RSS for the PM post though many in the RSS and BJP and leaders of other parties consider Mr Advani a better candidate.

  153. M S Aiyer is not a brahmin at first place. He is married to a non-hindu and he once mentioned that he is proud to have removed his sacred thread.
    One should go to his parliament constituency and meet the people over there to know more about his real face. He licks the asses of foreign people because he is from St. Stephen’s and he served in many foreign countries because of his IFS tag.
    So it is but natural for a person who was abroad for 26 years to develop liking for foreign asses. What to talk of a person who kicks his religion and marries a lady of some other religion. For sake of money and position they will even sell their own mother. My suggestion to the readers is please ignore such educated fools.

  154. Above all this one sentence made the writer and her intent just fall into the bickering, jealous, hate-filled scenario that Indian politics seems to have sunk to. Come on Bindu, you can rise above this pettiness. No one’s child needs to be cursed. Embrace them as you would your own even if you don’t agree with their politics. .

  155. Beautifully expressed ! I love the satire style of writing 🙂

    IMHO: The only qualifications a person needs, to be PM, is being a citizen of India and having the ability to convert policies and plans to action 🙂

    Both these seem contentious as far as the 1st family of congress is concerned 😛

    Considering the issue of educational qualification, Rationality, pragmatism and will to progress cannot be mastered/taught by any college degree.

  156. No words to express my appreciation of your well written letter . Hats off To You Mrs Bindu Krishnan .

  157. By being close to Sonia Gandhi these half baked intellectuals like Aiyar,JairamRamesh and P Chidambaram think they have become great leaders doing no service to impoverished Indians,I already tweeted that Aiyar should go to his native town and start selling JJ’s discounted idlies!

  158. how dare some body calls Godse a terrorist he is a martyr who did for the benefit of we people i think calling godse a terrorist is not good for the mankind

  159. very well written bindu …..:) We need more of these to shake up these well bred (so called ) congress wimps ….But I think one more interview of the “friends beta” on TV .. and they will be more than willing to send him to italy to sell cappucino:)

  160. well well!! great thoughts! Mani(Money) Aiyer does not realise his very best friend/mentor connection did not come in the way of being KICKED OUT from Petroleum Minstry and then lost election and then help came in the form of “NOMINATION TO RAJYASABHA”, what is he gassing about. he is not even remotely close to being a part of decision making in the party. let him do what he does the worst and then sulk and in oblivion post 14th.May’14. I am sure as can be read from News Papers- his comments of “CHAIWALA” was dismissed as derogatory by the “SEHZADA”.


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