Chai and Marie Biscuit

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College with Marie Biscuit

I lived alone during my 2nd and 3rd year degree in Hyderabad. I spent about six months in my aunt’s place and then shifted into our house when it became vacant. Dad was posted in Vizag at that time. I didn’t know how to cook ! I made a large glass of tea (bad tea according to Govind and Prasath) and ate 5 or 6 Britannia Marie biscuits for breakfast on most days. I bought Britannia Marie tins, not the 100 or 300 gms packets that you get now.

To this day, I love dunking my Marie biscuit in chai and eating it. I never liked Parle G which is usually a favourite for those who dunk it in tea. I never eat any biscuit with coffee, only with tea. Ever since I have given up sugar, I have stopped eating Marie biscuits. Occasionally just for old times sake, I dunk them in my sugarless tea and enjoy the memories.

We continue to buy Britannia Marie biscuits because the crows that visit our balcony love them and refuse to eat any other biscuit. Biscuit eating Birds !

Today in the morning, the bigger crow (three crows come, one young crow, one thin and one big crow) picked up the biscuit and dunked it in the water tray, ate half of it and came back later to polish it off. Am still left wondering how did the crow learn this habit of dunking the Marie biscuit in water ? Will the crows now demand chai ?

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