Golden Bloggerz Award

Golden Bloggerz Award

I have been nominated for the Golden Bloggerz Award by my blog reader Priya Prakash. Thank you Priya ! I have nominated a few ….

Leadership Lessons from Bhagavad Gita #32 – Rules !

Chapter 2 verses 52 and 53 – यदा ते मोहकलिलं बुद्धिर्व्यतितरिष्यति | तदा गन्तासि निर्वेदं श्रोतव्यस्य श्रुतस्य च || 52|| yadā te moha-kalilaṁ buddhir vyatitariṣhyati tadā gantāsi nirvedaṁ śhrotavyasya śhrutasya cha yadā—when; te—your; moha—delusion; kalilam—quagmire; buddhiḥ—intellect; vyatitariṣhyati—crosses; tadā—then; gantāsi—you shall acquire; nirvedam—indifferent; śhrotavyasya—to what is yet to be heard; śhrutasya—to what has been heard; cha—and … Read more

I wonder why …

I wonder why only India should be free-for-all, no rules country….. Yesterday all TV channels were crying hoarse about Mr. Mahesh Sharma’s comment that women tourists should not wear skirts… the Big Bindi brigade, fake liberals, Presstitutes, fossilized women who were once considered journalists (!!), and the rich and famous all chewed up Mr. Sharma. … Read more