Daily Gratitude

Today I am grateful to Amazon for the Kindle device and the App.

For bookworms like Bindu and I who are very passionate about reading on a range of subjects, Kindle is virtually a gift from God. Especially the Kindle App as you can read across multiple devices. Also the idea of getting a ‘sample’ of a book works very well as it lets us evaluate whether the book fits with our interests and requirements before actually buying it.

There was a time when we owned more than 3000 plus books besides a collection of magazines. Over the last couple of years we have given away nearly 2000 books and all the magazines except my HBR collection. I have been collecting HBR since the 80’s and don’t think I will ever give that collection away. In giving away the books, we have not only gained a lot of storage space but in a way we are also contributing to the environmental cause by not buying books printed on paper. Carrying printed books while travelling is in fact cumbersome, and another very important reason to celebrate Kindle is that none of my friends or acquaintances can borrow books from us anymore. We are happy to gift books, but when someone borrowed a book, and did not return it, it led to un-necessary heartburn.

So you see in every way, we have been immensely benefitted by having the Kindle App on our devices. Two of the recent books that I really enjoyed reading are Grit by Dr Angela Duckworth and Reversing Diabetes in 21 days by Dr Nandita Shah. Both these books have given us lots of insights and are highly recommended for everyone.

We have also taken the Kindle Unlimited option that allows us access to millions of books for a small monthly fee.

My dear Kindle….thanks so much for being a part of our lives!!

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