Daily Gratitude

Today am grateful for being a book worm. Reading has helped me learn so many things, understand other cultures, live other lives, travel to far off places even as I sit comfortably at home. Most importantly, I am never feel bored or alone so long as I have a book to read.

I still remember that huge trunk full of books that I brought along when Krishnan and I got married. Krishnan was delighted as he is also a book worm. Over the years, we have read thousands of books and ever since I started blogging, I have been posting book reviews regularly.

I have just started reading “No Ordinary Disruption” and “The Tenth Insight”. For avid readers like me Kindle from Amazon is a boon. I don’t use the Kindle device but have the Kindle app on the iPad. Now we can travel light and still have our entire library travelling with us.

As far as genres go I love fiction, self help and philosophy. We do read a lot of management books as well. We have a treasured collection of Osho’s books… I dream of owning every book that he authored. I also dream of reading them all and something in them will hopefully hit home and put me on the path.

Encourage every child to read. It’s one of the best habits to develop and sustain.

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