Book Review – Bravehearts of Bharat

Bravehearts of Bharat - Book Review

This book compiles the short biographies of 15 bravehearts of Bharat, 8 men and 7 women. Several of them are unknown…. A must read book.

De-cluttering Continued – Clothes & Books

I had written earlier about Marie Kondo’s book – Book Review #1/50 – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying and how I had de-cluttered my sarees. We continued with the de-cluttering exercise and first de-cluttered Krishnan’s suits, shirts, pants and ties. Had the same experience as with the sarees, in that, we found shirts that were favourites but … Read more

#WhyISupportModi #1 – Sajjan Kumar in jail

In 2007, a book titled “When a Tree Shook Delhi” was published. I bought it immediately because the Sikh massacre in Delhi in the aftermath of Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s assassination has always rankled. In 2002 we met with the brother of an ex-colleague of Krishnan’s who was a brilliant student but was a pale shadow … Read more

Author Review – Jeffrey Archer 

For the past couple of months I have been re-reading Jeffrey Archer’s books – I have been a fan ever since I read “Prodigal daughter” long long back. I stopped reading his books after “Thereby hangs a tale”. Somewhere between “Honour among thieves” and “Thereby hangs a tale” I feel he has either lost that … Read more