Daily Gratitude

Oprah on Gratitude

What are you grateful for today ? Am grateful to have developed the habit of reading !


Another 10000 after 7 years ….

On January 11th, 2013 I had posted on Facebook about having completed 10000 kms on my cycle. I was thrilled and so happy that day in Bangalore … 100×100. And then began the slide health wise .. I disliked Bangalore and used that as an excuse to not go riding, not walk or even do yoga … Read more Another 10000 after 7 years ….

Are you on time ? Everytime ?

A working day’s morning in a working couple’s home is plain crazy …. If there are school going children, it’s crazier ! Breakfast to be made, children to be woken up and dressed for school, lunch to be packed, caffeine fixes through coffee or tea, matching socks’, earrings etc and finally the drive through heavy … Read more Are you on time ? Everytime ?

The patterns we repeat ..

A friend of mine called up today and told me about the new job that he is about to get. While outwardly I congratulated him and wished him well, I was very concerned. This friend was again picking something up that was tough to succeed in. 🙁  Just as a woman makes the mistake of … Read more The patterns we repeat ..