Book Review – Persuader

After reading “A Gentleman in Moscow” and re-reading “Rebecca”, I had a reading lull for nearly a week. I would start a book and read a few pages, then go to another book, repeat the process :). Finally I decided to get a Jack Reacher novel so that it brings me back to my reading rhythm.

Persuader is an all out Jack Reacher novel. The plot builds from a foiled kidnapping attempt on Richard Beck and Jack Reacher is at the right place at the right time. A few pages later you realise that he was at that place for a reason and that the whole kidnapping drama was DEA’s idea. By the time you are half way through, its a little difficult to remember what and who all are off the record but keep turning the pages, and things begin to clear up. Once you figure out that Jack Reacher wants to settle a ten year old promise to himself by killing Xavier Quinn, who had mutilated his ex-colleague Dominique, things become clearer. This book has a few unnecessary and bizarre scenes of titillation, which can be just passed over.

Some of the situations that Jack Reacher finds himself in are quite daunting, but he is the hero and he manages to get the bad guy in the end. The bad guy Quinn also has a resurrection story that’s far fetched .. Jack Reacher had killed him ten years back but he manages to survive that killing. Hey, am an Indian, I have many unbelievable stories of dying-but-not-quite-dead :):).

Its an easy read, but not worth spending money on. If you get it on Kindle Unlimited or you can borrow it from a friend, then it takes care of two lazy afternoons. Rating – 3.5/5

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