Brown/Burnt Butter Sauce

Masterchef Australia makes me try new things … and Brown/Burnt Butter Sauce is the newest thing that I tried. This sauce got mentioned so many times by Poh and other contestants that I was psychologically primed to make it.

Here is a picture of this exotic Sauce –

The smooth, slightly brown golden Brown Butter Sauce with herbs ! Pic Credits –

Then I Googled for an article that would give me the step-by-step process. Found an amazing article by Jessica Gavin on How to Make Brown/Burnt Butter Sauce.

Making Ghee

As I have mentioned before, Amma has started setting curds at home and then I churn butter from the cream. I did that today. Here is a pic of the Ghee just before it turned into Ghee and then the clear Ghee with some residue at the bottom.

Burnt Butter Sauce
Ghee or Burnt/Brown Butter Sauce ?

If you need the step by step process read my earlier posts – Churning Butter, Indian style and The Cow Ghee Conundrum.

Brown Butter Sauce or Ghee ?

I think I missed a trick somewhere… My Brown/Burnt Butter Sauce looks exactly like Ghee ! Where did I go wrong ? Or is it that the humble Ghee got exported to France and came back as an exotic sauce into the culinary world ?

Jokes apart, I truly fail to understand the difference between the two. I sometimes burn the butter and the Ghee smells slightly smoky. Is that the difference ? Would appreciate some blog reader clarifying this butter conundrum for me (pun intended).

Indian Food

While the French cuisine is considered a classic, Indian food somehow never makes the cut across the world. Our traditional food is medicinal, healthy and “bloody” tasty. The variety is mind boggling. The spices are mouth watering. The herbs we use ensure our bodies develop immunity. The humble Ghee and the Curcumin are making waves now but hey, we Indians have been eating them for THOUSANDS of years.

High time that our food also finds a place amongst the “classics” and the truly exotic. No other civilisation, current hegemonies included, have understood food as a medicine. Its only traditional Indian food.

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