Salt in Your Butter :(

Just before leaving for our longish trip in November 2022, I was clearing out the fridge so that we could switch off the mains. I still had a pack of Amul butter in the fridge, so we decided to make it into ghee so that it won’t get spoilt.

As we melted the Butter we got a thick layer of residue 👇

Butter and Salt

When you heat butter to turn it into Ghee, you always get some residue especially if the butter is homemade. The residue is milk solids… but the residue we got from melting Amul Butter is just SALT. This was nearly 10 gms of salt in a 500 gms pack.

Am not trying to put down our beloved brand AMUL…. but because we consume their products the most, it’s important to know what’s in it. AMUL has come up with unsalted and “safed” (white) Makhan. Make that your choice rather than the salted one !

Sodium, mg 836 translates to approximately 2 gms of Salt. Check this website – Sodium and salt converter.

All the commercially produced butter is usually salted. Makes it that much easier to spread on your morning toast and eat… but that amount of salt is terrible for your health.

Go for the unsalted variety –

Do read my earlier post – Read The Fine Print !! and make better choices.


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