Purple Food Day !

As soon as we watched Episode 35 of Masterchef Australia season 15, I wanted to blog about food colour :). Unfortunately the only Indian origin contestant Adi Nevgi got eliminated in this episode which was a “colours” elimination challenge.

Episode 35 – Coloured Food

This was a two round elimination. In the first round, the contestants had to identify the spice/food item from the flavoured pearls that were kept in Petri dishes. Adi, Declan, Brent and Rue went into the second round where they had to cook dishes featuring their assigned colour.

While Brent (yellow) and Declan (red) received kudos for their dishes, Rue (orange) and Adi (green) ended up with dishes that were not upto the mark.

Adi had made Sashimi with Zhug (an Israeli sauce with green chillies) and the Zhug was not balanced. So she was the one to get eliminated from the competition. Sad to see her go … she was a good cook and full of enthusiasm.

Purple Coloured Dishes !

Inspired by this episode I tried making dishes in a single colour theme. Note – eat a rainbow everyday ! Yellow Pumpkins to Red Tomatoes to Green Chillies to White Coconut … just eat food of different colours to get your nutrition right.

I made Purple cabbage Kootu (cabbage + Moong Dal + Spices) and a Brinjal Subzi with tomatoes.

Purple Food Cabbage
Purple Cabbage 🙂
Brinjal Purple food
Purple Brinjal or Eggplant

I absolutely love cabbage and Brinjal, especially with Rotis and the colour Purple is royal.

Felt good to try and eat dishes of a single colour for a day but I went back to my regular colourful plate of food :).

#GoOrganic #GoVegetarian

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