Non-Stop India

A couple of days back I received this video over Whatsapp. It’s “breathless” Shankar Mahadevan singing about Non-Stop India and he is truly a magician ! What a voice and ofcourse what lyrics ! Whoever has penned the lyrics has just hit the right chord. Do listen –

Non-Stop India Indeed !

This short song captures many of the Modi Government’s achievements in the last 9 years. Music is a great way to reach out and engage with the masses and ofcourse the timing is just right. General elections are less than a year away and as somebody posted on Twitter – if Modi wins, the CONgress has no future and if Modi loses, India has no future.

It’s unfortunately true … the CONgress and other opposition parties just don’t inspire confidence. Just look at what happened in Karnataka – free bus rides for women has ensured that metros go empty and how do they expect to keep funding the freebies ?The Thugpurush in Delhi started this new trend of free electricity and free bus rides – again with no responsibility of funding the freebies. Karnataka has started blaming the central government because they promised free rice and have no funds to buy !

Despite all the challenges, the Modi government’s performance is stupendous. Just imagine if some of these challenges weren’t there… we would have probably been on top of the economic pyramid.

I also found this fantastic infographic shared by Ramesh Shivadekar @Race_Ramesh on Twitter that speaks with data about the last nine years –

Non-Stop India

And do watch the following video that again gives data on everything that has improved. Is there more to do ? Ofcourse. But do take a moment to reflect on all that has been achieved. The only request to Modiji’s detractors is, hate him but vote for him because he is making India stronger.

Jai Hind. Jai Hind Ki Sena.


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