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A couple of days back, I happened to empty out a packet of Tata Rock Salt into the container that I store it in for everyday use. I casually flipped the pack around to read the contents page and was in for a shock ….. the fine print said “Potassium iodate”. The rock salt was iodised 🤬.

I just stood in the kitchen for a few minutes unable to deal with this discovery. It is a big deal for me because for the past twenty years or so, I have stopped using iodised salt. A colleague of mine told me that everyone doesn’t have iodine deficiency and having iodised salt leads to water retention.

I buyTata Rock Salt because it is from the house of Tatas whom I trust implicitly. The expectation is that the salt is non-iodised since its rock salt. It says Sendha Namak (rock salt or the salt we use during Navratra vrat) but then it also has Potassium iodate !!!

Dr. Vijaya Venkat, my guide and truly the Goddess of “health and nutrition”, also confirmed what my colleague had said. Vijaya Mami is no more, but her daughter Anju runs the amazing THAC (The Health Awareness Centre) in Mumbai. Do visit and learn to eat right. Mami had told me that our requirement for iodine is minimal, its total percentage in the body composition is 0.00004%. Since Iodine is highly volatile, chemical compounds like iodides or iodates are added to the salt…. these are toxic.

The fine print got me !!! Have stopped ordering Tata Rock Salt and have shifted to buying sendha namak from my trusted organic food suppliers. Why is the Government making it mandatory to iodise the salt ? Can they guarantee no side effects ? More importantly, it’s my choice – if I don’t want to have iodised salt, I should have access to it. Looks like its time for another “salt satyagraha” – this time for non-iodised salt.

I found this fantastic short video by @thefoodpharmer who had earlier done the Bournvita expose. It just goes to prove that we need to read the fine print on anything that we buy. Food labels especially have to be read to understand what we are putting into our bodies !!!

Do read the fine print and every single food label to stay healthy !!

#GoOrganic #GoVegetarian

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