The Credit Stealers!

credit stealers

The credit stealers not only take credit for your work, they also steal your ideas ! Before you realise, someone has already walked away with the rewards.


#WhyISupportModi #8 – Padma Awards

One of the things that bothers and engages everyone in the world is reward and recognition. Somebody does outstanding work and no one recognises it, the person’s motivation just sinks but a pat on the back gets him/her energised. Government awards, Public awards like the Nobel prize etc are much coveted as they provide recognition … Read more #WhyISupportModi #8 – Padma Awards

Irrational awards – return them all

Am so glad that many writers, eminent personalities and film directors are returning the various awards that have been conferred on them. I wish there was a way for those who are dead and gone also to return their awards… that would give us a clean slate. If I ask anyone about the leader that … Read more Irrational awards – return them all