Why the Disease ?

Disease - Osho on Eating

Nearly everyone suffers from some disease, so its important to understand the root cause. This article by Jason Christoff attempts just that.

Cut your losses – in the business of emotions too !!

He was a child prodigy, she was an accomplished musician, but their life was out of tune … Their differences led them to a divorce and the bitter divorce to an early grave for him. Am talking of Mandolin U Srinivas, the genius who was just 46 when he died. The newspapers said that he … Read more

Nature’s revenge 

An article shared on Facebook today disturbed me tremendously … It’s titled By 2025 half the newborns will be autistic. This is in the US, the world’s most developed nation. This is also the “flu” season. A doctor from AIIMS, the premier medical institution in India said on TV the other day, that the country where … Read more