Reducing Toxic Chemicals at Home

For many years now, I would have a standing order every month for toilet fresheners – Odonil or Aer or some new product like the Domex powder. Then I read about how toxic all of them are ! I knew about the room fresheners and I would insist with the hotel staff when we travelled, that they should not be using any room freshener in our room. I am allergic to the smell of room fresheners. Also the adverts for “Ambi Pur” etc are very misleading … they seem to encourage you to keep your house dirty and smelly. Why else would you buy a room freshener ?? Open the windows and doors and let fresh air pass through your house, however small or big, and you wouldn’t need any room freshener. Get an exhaust if your home doesn’t have windows, tiny investment with big benefits.

With the high rise buildings and the so called “modern” living, toilets have become part of the bedrooms. Its essential to keep your bathroom smelling clean. I came across this charcoal based air freshener from “Vayu Natural” when I was reading on this topic. I bought one bag initially to see how it worked and whether it was effective. It was very effective and completely non-toxic. It just has charcoal inside and you can get different sizes depending on the size of your toilet/room. The way to recharge it, is to hang it in the Sun and this is a perpetual air freshener ! We don’t have to keep buying again and again so long as you keep recharging them and keep them clean.

Yesterday since the Sun was out, I hung my “Vayu Natural” air fresheners on a clothesline and recharged them. Just shake them up, dust them and hang them out in the Sun – your room/toilet freshener is ready. You can also hang them inside your closets to remove excess moisture, and they even attract pollutants.

I have been using these for the past 8 months and I haven’t bought a single toilet freshener, it works.

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