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3 thoughts on “Thought for the day”

  1. It’s also easier to break a habit now by changing your thought. Example: My chickens help me break my worry habit, because they are so resilient.
    Squire wasn’t eating right, and his poop was watery. I noticed he’d broken the tip of his beak, and it may have hurt to eat. That night, he fell off his perch, something he’s never done. My mind went down the track of possible worst case scenarios, then I stopped myself and observed him during the day.

    He seemed as active and happy as ever but still not eating. But yesterday, he acted fine, was eating well, and now seems as good as new. I now believe he fell because he was dehydrated and got dizzy when he stood up to crow. The fall didn’t seem to hurt but just scared him.

    By not over-reacting, I believe I gave him confidence. This is just the latest example of how they brighten my attitude.


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