Germany Day 9 – Adopting the local practise

Sunday, Sept 9, 2018 – Frankfurt In Germany, shops are shut on Sundays. Just the restaurants are open and people are expected to spend time with their family and rest and relax. We decided to follow this good practise and slept in late, ate a relaxed breakfast and took an afternoon siesta even. We went … Read more Germany Day 9 – Adopting the local practise


Padmasini… like Grandmother, like Granddaughter

On the 20th of this month, it was twenty years since my Periyamma passed away. When Kokka posted that on the family group chat, it brought back several memories of her…. Infact my very first blog ever was a dedication to her – The First day – Meeting inspiration. Padmasini Periyamma was named after her grandmother (my … Read more Padmasini… like Grandmother, like Granddaughter

சும்மா அதிருதில்ல!

Thalaivar Rajinikanth’s 2007 movie, Sivaji had a simple plot – It revolves around a software systems architect Sivaji, who returns home to India after a stint in the US. On his return, he dreams of doing good and giving back to society with free medical treatment and education. However his plans face a roadblock in the form … Read more சும்மா அதிருதில்ல!

Heralding a new beginning …?

Still hopeful … today feels like May 16, 2014. On May 16th last year, for the first time we voted for a Prime Minister who was born post independence, didn’t come from a single gene pool and he managed to get a thumping majority against all odds. Today, for the first time, the mother-son duo … Read more Heralding a new beginning …?

Family or friend ? A rare family friend, Rajesh !

We were told by Anand, long before we met you on the Mangar ride, that we need to be careful about not littering non-biodegradable stuff during our ride or we will be asked to leave the group by you….. And I thought, “Mera bhai lagta hai”. :):) Well, as things turned out, I had guessed … Read more Family or friend ? A rare family friend, Rajesh !

End surrogacy of leadership

The not-so-young twit hoping to be the PM doesn’t have time to canvass in his constituency so the not-so-young sister is canvassing on his behalf … The question that begs itself to be asked is – will she also govern on his behalf ? Look around us – nearly everything seems to be rented. The … Read more End surrogacy of leadership

A letter to Mr. Aiyar

Dear Mr. Aiyar, I don’t know if I can even address you, as I have not studied in St. Stephen’s, I was born in a small nursing home in Tirunelveli, my great grandmother sold Idlis to make ends meet, my father-in-law was just a teacher, my husband didn’t have shoes when he went for his … Read more A letter to Mr. Aiyar

Diwali special

While growing up I would always look forward to Diwali because I would get new clothes and Appa would get “sweet boxes” from his colleagues at work. Till I reached college and started to sew my own churidars and salwar kameez’s I just managed with a couple of dresses because dad was very clear he … Read more Diwali special