Ravivar – The day of Surya Deva

Ravivar - beautiful morning

Read about Sunday or Ravivar, The day of Surya Deva. Some random thoughts about Aditya Hridayam shloka and sustainability.

Day 1&2 – Settling in

Sept 1 and 2 – Vienna, Austria We reached Vienna late at night on Aug 31st. While the flight over was uneventful, we made the mistake of taking the City Airport Train (CAT) to the city centre instead of a regular Rejio Jet to the Hauptbahnhof (Central station). Sometimes overconfidence gets you into trouble … … Read more

Germany Day 9 – Adopting the local practise

Sunday, Sept 9, 2018 – Frankfurt In Germany, shops are shut on Sundays. Just the restaurants are open and people are expected to spend time with their family and rest and relax. We decided to follow this good practise and slept in late, ate a relaxed breakfast and took an afternoon siesta even. We went … Read more