Mangoes of Malihabad

Do enjoy the Mangoes of Malilhabad. Malihabad is the Mango capital of India and is easily accessible from Delhi. From Lucknow its 30 Kms.


Reason, Season or Lifetime ?

Long before the social media era, when email was the only means of communication, someone forwarded this note to me and the message stuck with me. The link to this message is – Here’s the screenshot –   Its a beautiful message … some people come into your life for a reason, some for a … Read more Reason, Season or Lifetime ?

Finally a “Malgoa” and a “Mallika” – Mango season 2018

This year the Mango season started rather late for us – just yesterday. Till we get to eat Mangoes chosen by our Mango boys in Bangalore, it never feels like the season has started. Last year they had sent the mangoes to us in Chennai and we met them in Bangalore too – The Mango boys … Read more Finally a “Malgoa” and a “Mallika” – Mango season 2018

The Mango boys are back!

We met them first in 2013 when we were in Bangalore and since then, they have become fast friends of ours. Every year when the Mango season begins, and they setup their stall, I get a call from them asking me when we are coming over. Read about them here – The Mango people. We never managed … Read more The Mango boys are back!

The season of delays… ending on a Good Friday ?

For the past year or so, Krishnan and I have been in a season of delays. Everything got done in the end but got delayed enormously. Even simple things like meeting a friend, would not happen. For example, We alternated between feeling elated and feeling dejected about ShikshaDaan’s 12A and 80G exemption status …. when … Read more The season of delays… ending on a Good Friday ?

The lineage shows …

Her maternal grandfather is Palghat Mani Iyer and her paternal grandmother is D K Pattamal … Her genes ensured she had a great voice and the environment at home ensured she trained hard and diligently. The result is Nithyasree Mahadevan, with a voice that can sing in any octave and can move hearts. Nithyasree is … Read more The lineage shows …

Laugh riot, mesmerising Morsing and humbling genius !

For the past three evenings we have been attending some or the other play or concert as part of the ongoing Chennai December music season.  Sunday was a laughter riot as “Crazy” Mohan and his brother entertained a packed house RamaKrishna Mission school’s Infosys hall. Their play “Google Gadothgajan” is fun, fast paced and there … Read more Laugh riot, mesmerising Morsing and humbling genius !