Bye for now, Periyamma ….

We were completing our meeting with Shashaank yesterday, when I heard the news. We quickly wrapped up our meeting and I called Shantha over WhatsApp. Its never easy losing one’s mother … and particularly for Shantha because her father passed away when she and Padma were quite young and Periyamma raised them almost single-handedly ! … Read more Bye for now, Periyamma ….


A “decent cake” on your 50th

The huge surprise was spoiled because of you knowing me well enough and that blasted intuition of yours but atleast it was a surprise dear Hareesh !! I don’t remember who introduced us in Pace Elcot way back in 1991 … I think it was during the lunch break that Babu Chitappa (Mr. Chari) who … Read more A “decent cake” on your 50th

A special Linkedin invite

I met her mother in school in the 7th standard and we were “best friends” from day one. I spent many Sundays going over to her place or she would come over to mine and the three years that we were classmates, we were inseparable. We stayed in touch for nearly seven years after 1983 … Read more A special Linkedin invite