Reunions 2019

While I am a fan of WhatsApp as it helps one to stay in touch almost everyday with friends and family, I also think there is no substitute for the good old “meeting in person”. Very often WhatsApp and other social media platforms lull you into believing that you are well connected, but when you … Read more Reunions 2019


The curveball you couldnt dodge :(

Dearest Anubha …. your eyes in this life won’t read this but I know this will reach you and you will read it. When your mother Nishi posted in our group on Sunday that you were admitted in the hospital, Krishnan and my heart sank. We knew what you were going through and hospitalization was … Read more The curveball you couldnt dodge 🙁

Assam Silk and Memories

Dearest Appa, You would remember that I wore my first ever saree in Shillong when I was in my 8th standard. We had the “Vishnu Sahasranamam” chanting happening at our house that day and Kalyan, Ramesh and several others who were part of the chanting group had come over and Amma had helped me wear … Read more Assam Silk and Memories

Charlie’s Angels 👼 .. in India

When Anu made a sudden plan to visit India to meet her parents we made up our minds that we will meet this time.  Last year she, Pankaj and the children were here in Jan but Krishnan had his stomach infection just at that time and we couldn’t meet. She had also come in 2015 … Read more Charlie’s Angels 👼 .. in India

A special Linkedin invite

I met her mother in school in the 7th standard and we were “best friends” from day one. I spent many Sundays going over to her place or she would come over to mine and the three years that we were classmates, we were inseparable. We stayed in touch for nearly seven years after 1983 … Read more A special Linkedin invite

Where Orchids bloom …

It was very disturbing to read about the young boy Nido belonging to Arunachal Pradesh being killed in Delhi. What made him leave the beautiful state of Arunachal Pradesh to come all the way to Delhi ? Am sure he would have loved to stay in his state, amidst the 600+ varieties of Orchids that … Read more Where Orchids bloom …