Osho Story #14 – Two Brothers


Osho narrates the Two brothers’ story that was a favorite of Jesus, as part of his discourse on Subhuti, Buddha’s disciple.

Osho Story #10 – Well of Time

As many of you know, Osho never “wrote” a book … but he was a prolific author with nearly 800 books to his credit because nearly all his discourses have been converted into books. He spoke on Krishna at Manali in 1970 and the book that was published from that discourse is “Krishna – the … Read more Osho Story #10 – Well of Time

Book Review #27/50 – Rebecca

I have read this book a few times as am sure many fiction lovers have. A few days back, I was browsing through my Kindle library looking for the next book to read after the delicious “Gentleman in Moscow” and Rebecca popped up ! I re-read it and even though I knew the plot and … Read more Book Review #27/50 – Rebecca

Osho Story #9 – Today and Tomorrow

This excerpt is from the book “Come, Come, Yet Again Come”. The opening lines in the first page are so beautiful that I want to post the picture here, more to reinforce the message to myself … Ours is not a caravan of despair ! oh, only Osho can say that and that is the … Read more Osho Story #9 – Today and Tomorrow

Doors..Questions..Access – PGPMAX

On 7th of Nov some of us gathered at the Pgpmax event titled “The CEO Story”. Rajiv, Chandresh, Amit Saha, Deepak Mundade, Mandeep and I were the alums who attended and Poonam from ISB was there to manage the event. We had about 20 guests who were attending the session to evaluate their plans of … Read more Doors..Questions..Access – PGPMAX