A Health Scare and 29 years !

On March 6th, we were having lunch and suddenly Krishnan stood up saying he was feeling uneasy and had pain in his left arm. Even as he asked me to get him a pain killer, he started to sweat profusely. I panicked and told him we are seeing a doctor immediately. As we are in … Read more A Health Scare and 29 years !


Birthday in Benaras

When we were planning the U.P and Bihar leg of the ShikshaDaan Yatra, we decided to be in Varanasi on Krishnan’s birthday which is today. We reached Varanasi yesterday from Allahabad… after a 3 km harrowing drive through a narrow lane. More of that in a separate blog. Krishnan’s birthday celebrations started off with a … Read more Birthday in Benaras

Yes, it is Krishnan’s birthday…

So I get to wear a new sari too :):):). I was eagerly waiting to get the sari designed and dyed by Shri Brij Ballabh Udaiwal, an artist who is a national award winner. The sari arrived just in the nick of time on Saturday, so I could release it for Krishnan’s birthday today. We … Read more Yes, it is Krishnan’s birthday…

Special birthday

Krishnan’s birthday today will remain a special one for a long long time .. First, because we woke up to see the beautiful Himalayas, pristine and glorious. Second, because the country got its second Independence with the dramatic victory of the Modi led BJP. We drove down to Gagar, a small village about 25 kms … Read more Special birthday

To Life – 16/12/1989

“To Life” In living, The daily routine, Amidst the tears, The smiles The victory and defeat, We forget … Life ! Life isn’t existing, Life is living, Life is conviction, And life is joy !! …….It’s an experience, Given by the unseen Nature, Made of emotions, Feelings, love & hatred ! The shackles of civilization, … Read more To Life – 16/12/1989

The many thanks … Behind the MBA certificate

In Dec 2011 I applied for the ISB PGPMAX program … The same one that I graduated from on April 6th. I had to submit my original degree certificate if I got the admission. I was wondering how to get that … … And help came in the form of Nisha who took the task … Read more The many thanks … Behind the MBA certificate