Willpower & Temptation

Willpower and temptation

Don’t depend on your willpower to escape temptation!! Better is to create a temptation free environment. Read Atomic Habits by James Clear.

Environmental Hypocrites Abound..

We have a school right behind our condominium complex and almost the entire month of December we couldn’t take a nap in the afternoon or even do a phone call easily from 8 am onwards till about 3 pm. The school had its annual day or sports day and the practise sessions were happening outside … Read more

Climate Change? No just Mother Nature having fun !!

The last week was scorching… the week before that was also scorching …. the week before that was also scorching ! On April 4th the weather was really pleasant and on April 5th winter turned into summer overnight. Last week one of the days the temperature in Delhi reached 48 DEGREE CENTIGRADE. Four people died … Read more

Live and Travel Sustainably… #BeatPlasticPollution #ConserveWater

We were on a 26 day road trip through Lucknow-Allahabad-Varanasi-Patna-Gaya as part of our ShikshaDaan Yatra. Even as we were confirming our hotel bookings, the first thing we checked with all the hotels is whether they have filtered or RO water and insisted that we would want our water bottles to be filled. Every single … Read more

The soul is eternal, so is plastic !!

Man has actually surpassed God and for those who don’t believe in “a” God, man has surpassed nature. Wow – Man is greater than God/Nature. We have managed to create something that will remain forever, undying, forever young – the wonderful substance called plastic. Plastic bags have pervaded every pore of our bodies, EVERY DARNED … Read more