This Day, That Year !

Am not big on nostalgia, but I was looking for a particular photograph from 2015 and instead these pictures popped up 😃. I like the way Google photos stores the pics … am able to search using events, dates, faces etc. Very impressive.

This day, Dec 29 2015, Krishnan and I were cycling in Chennai and the effects of the Chennai floods had receded somewhat. The Pallikaranai marshlands are a bird watchers paradise. Here are two pics to remember that year and the day –

Dec 29, day
Pallikaranai Marshlands !! Birds have plenty of food and its a bird watcher’s paradise
Day Dec 29 year 2015
Krishnan on the bike. Oh, we miss our cycling 🙂

This Day – Dec 29, 2021

Six years later on the same date, we had a hyper local get together at my place with my ISB batchmates.

Day Hyper local reunion
Hyper local reunion with Pgpmax buddies

Since Antony was fashionably late, he is not to be seen in the pic. Raman and Subbu couldn’t join this time. My mother flummoxed Anir with an innocent question as to why he hadn’t come over earlier when he told her that they had moved to Gurgaon just before the pandemic :):). Trust Vedavalli to stump you most unexpectedly.

We have been trying to get the larger group together and we will, but just thought of meeting folks who stay really close by. It was fun and so happy that we did meet !

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