World Bicycle Day 2022 – PedalYatri turns 14


June 3 is the World Bicycle Day and PedalYatri turned 14. A few old memories and several new ones made as we celebrated the PY founding day.

Passion, Purpose or what you are good at ?

Yesterday I had written about stress – You got Stress ? :):) and my dear friend Usha commented rightly on Linkedin that if you don’t identify your passion rightly then following it may lead to more stress !! Now that made me think about this whole set of buzzwords “Passion”, “Purpose”, “innate skill” etc. Especially “purpose” is … Read more

Work Life Im-balance

Am sure many read the title as Work life balance and assumed I had done a typo error …. No I haven’t. While most organizations have this as one of their “cultural” pillars, the reality is quite different. What is work life balance and why is it important ? I always say during my town … Read more