A Pre Diwali Evening

As Delhi NCR gets geared up to celebrate yet another silent Diwali, several people have lit up their houses. Its beautiful to look out of our balcony and see the colourful lights strung across buildings and homes.

We lost two of our aunts …. so in no mood to celebrate Diwali this year. I have not put up the electric lamps and am planning to just light a couple of oil lamps on Diwali day.

Diwali lighting

The twilight colours of the sky also complementary !!

As the renovation work at home draws to a close, we are slowly getting back to putting things back in their place. This is the first year that we have truly done Deepavali deep cleaning 😁. Another round of decluttering has taken place too and the house looks open and clean. Will do another blogpost about all the changes.

As we cleaned up the house, we also realised that despite a couple of rounds of decluttering, there is still a lot more to give away or rehome. Marie Kondo’s method of collecting all similar items in a single place helps tremendously in clearing out things that you don’t need. Ever since we have followed Marie’s method and decluttered books and clothes, those two items have not added to any clutter ! De-cluttering Continued – Clothes & Books

Now we are tackling memorabilia… the most difficult to declutter !

Happy Diwali folks. Do share your preparations and burst a few crackers for us Delhi NCR people. 🙂

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