Sunset Ramblings :)

Today I captured the Sunset from Amma’s bedroom window and from the balcony. As I took the pictures I was wondering as to how many people still use a camera ? Prashant, who is an amazing photographer and is the co-founder of  told me that he is experimenting with different phones and that some of the … Read more

Day 20 – Ice cream, Burek & an art Gallery !

Sept 20, 2019 Evening – Zagreb, Croatia In the morning we had done the laundry and re-packed all the bags so that none of them was individually too heavy. Post lunch we went out for a walk and also to eat ice cream at Vincek, a place that Krishnan had discovered. We first went out … Read more

Dilli Darshan – Touched something made 5000 years back 

On September 1st, Krishnan and I visited the National Museum. Where else will history buffs start ? :). The National Museum is spread over three floors and it will take you nearly three days to truly see every artefact on display. The ground floor has artefacts from the Indus Valley civilisation, sculptures from the medieval … Read more