AAP कहाँ जा रहे हो ???

When the Delhi government formation drama was being enacted one of my friends sent this joke. A boy insists he wants to eat a lizard. The parents try and convince him, his sisters try, grandparents try but he continues to insist that he will eat a lizard. They finally call the family guru. He tries his best but the boy just gets even more insistent. Finally the guru says bring the lizard. So the lizard is put on a plate and brought to the boy and the guru says, now eat it. The boy says, no, I want this fried. So the lizard is fried. Then the boy says, the guru should eat a portion to confirm it has been fully fried. The guru somehow manages to swallow a piece… The boy starts to cry, “guru Ji ate the piece that I wanted to eat”. The guru runs away before he is made to eat anything more and the boy never eats any lizard … Somehow this boy reminded all of us of Arvind Kejriwal.

And today’s drama of AAP and BJP supporters fighting, Arvind Kejriwal going and asking one villager if there is development in Gujarat and proclaiming nothing has been done … I have a simple question for Arvind – what do you want the “Aam” aadmi to do ?

We shouldn’t vote for Congress, we shouldn’t vote for BJP and Narendra Modi, we should vote for AAP and then Arvind will not run the government, he will sit around in dharnas …. Really, childish. As I wrote in my earlier blog 49 day drama.. an opportunity lost all that Arvind is managing to do is fritter away the one chance that a regular bloke had of making a difference. I was so excited to see AAP being formed. Several of my friends sent me their membership form and I nearly went to fill one out. But the whole Delhi drama left a bad taste in my mouth.

Arvind, please make up your mind. Forming and running a government is serious business and not a child’s play… You are an intelligent, genuine man. But get your agenda out in the open and if you want to remain an activist, do that. We need activists to keep the government in check, don’t meddle and just confuse everyone. India needs a strong government and an able administrator, not corrupt idiots, and certainly not true-blue-activists-turned-reluctant-politicians. The public will be indulgent, but not forever.

P.s here’s the original joke in Hindi .. Sounds better in Hindi
एक बालक जिद पर अड़ गया …. बोला की छिपकली खाऊंगा.
घरवालों ने बहुत समझाया पर नहीं माना।

हार कर उसके गुरु जी को बुलाया गया। वे जिद तुड़वाने में महारथी थे.
गुरु के आदेश पर एक छिपकली पकड़वाई गई. उसे प्लेट में परोस बालक के सामने रख गुरु बोले, ले खा… बालक मचल गया.
बोला, तली हुई खाऊंगा.
गुरु ने छिपकली तलवाई और दहाड़े, ले अब चुपचाप खा. बालक फिर गुलाटी मार गया और बोला, आधी खाऊंगा.
छिपकली के दो टुकड़े किये गये. बालक गुरु से बोला, पहले आप खाओ. गुरु ने आंख नाक और भी ना जाने क्या क्या भींच किसी तरह आधी छिपकली निगली… गुरु के छिपकली निगलते ही बालक दहाड़ मार कर रोने लगा की आप तो वो टुकड़ा खा गये जो मैंने खाना था. गुरु ने धोती सम्भाली और वहां से भाग निकले की अब जरा भी यहां रुका तो ये दुष्ट दूसरा टुकड़ा भी खिला कर मानेगा…
करना-धरना कुछ नहीं,नौटंकी दुनिया भर की….

मुझे अरविन्द केजरीवाल की याद आ गयी

4 thoughts on “AAP कहाँ जा रहे हो ???”

  1. On a similar one, i remember one more joke – a car driver sees a huge traffic jam ahead and tells his boss, sir kejriwal kare……..a synonym for U turn

  2. Arvind Kejriwal blazed a fiercely independent trail and most young people, and not so young too flocked to AAP as it appeared to be a radically different party focused on speedy action and results. After he accepted Cong.support, it disturbed some. When he gave up the govt., it disillusioned many, and now there is a growing suspicion that he may actually be linked with the Congress to do the one thing its desperate for, cut into Modi& BJP’s votes. If there is a hung Parliament, don’t be surprised if the new coalition headed by Cong. also has AAP in it.

    • Not much … Arvind needs to learn to govern and come out of his activist mode. The Delhi election results are because of several factors not just about choosing AAP.


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