Drama in the skies and on ground !

From 5 pm today the skies have been putting up a performance – rolling thunder, streaking lightning and then rains. Is it signalling the end of winter ? Usually it rains just before Holi but this year it seems to have rained almost ten days in advance. There is a slight chill in the air, … Read more

Movies that made an impression – 2017

Krishnan and I aren’t very avid movie-goers and infact this year we haven’t stepped inside a cinema theatre :). Nothing against the movie theatre, but when there is a huge selection of movies that we can watch on TV, why bother going to a theatre. The new movie channel “&PriveHD” that Tatasky has started offering … Read more

49 day drama … An opportunity lost

When the Jantar Mantar Anna fasts were held, the mood was nearly like the independence movement – everyone excited about exposing corruption in high places. Arvind Kejriwal burst onto the national platform as the master strategist, organizer and activist. Then Congress threw the gauntlet much like Shakuni using Yudhistra’s weakness for the game of dice … Read more