Garbage Tales From New Delhi

In a democracy the only way to correct our mistakes is through the ballot paper. Thugpurush Arvind Kejriwal got a thumping majority and returned to power ….This man is the biggest disappointment and the greatest con act ever on the Indian political scene. He started out as a messiah but has just created a mess :(. Delhi’s garbage woes are unaddressed. First it was the “safai karamchari” strike, then the NDMC’s refusal to cooperate … all excuses.

Remember that garbage mountain at Ghazipur that moved and met two young souls who happened to pass by ? Delhi’s Ghazipur landfill collapse: 2 dead as mountain of trash sweeps many into nearby canal. Thugpurush had been a CM for two years by the time this mishap happened, but he was busy heaping insults on the Prime Minister and let garbage slide (pun intended).

Good Karma and good use of the ballot paper by East Delhi folks brought Gautam Gambhir on the scene as the Lok Sabha MP. He promised to tackle the Ghazipur garbage mountain that was growing taller every single day.

A couple of days back he posted an update –

New Delhi

There was an earlier update in July 2020 but am not sure how much could have been done during the pandemic. Atleast there is some systematic effort being put in.

Another tweet for the sake of contrast –

Let this sink in – an elected government is providing free WiFi to protesting farmers who are not really farmers but rich middlemen trying to arm twist the country’s Govt to repeal farmer friendly bills !!

But I know that this won’t sink in. All that one can hope is no landfill sinks in :(.

The next project that Modiji must take up as Swachh Bharat 2.0 is Waste Segregation at source. That is the only way we can resolve the issue of garbage mountains. Our villages are doing fine because everything gets recycled and there is very little wastage. The cities, towns and tourist spots are causing a lot of garbage pile ups.

#WasteSegregation #CompostOrganicWaste

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