Breaking news – A Star Journalist Scared of Me?%@!

news - Rajdeep blocks

Read the blog to understand the truth behind Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai’s “journalism”. Sad that many of us took him seriously all this while. 🙁

Thank you, Intolerant Twitter

I cannot post anything on Twitter till I either remove the following tweet or re-word it. Yay!!! It’s happened to me too 😊. Is this how Twitter tracks every tweet ? The kind of words used by many “blue tick” twitter accounts are shocking and totally disrespectful and they continue to peddle their hatred. All … Read more Thank you, Intolerant Twitter

#TheChennaiRains … Truth 

7.45 pm – It has been raining for an hour and it’s still raining. Beautiful weather. Yes, there is water everywhere and Kumarika’s apartment complex is a small island. But, guess what … The roads are clear. Traffic is moving and life goes on.  We reached Chennai on the 20th instead of the 18th as … Read more #TheChennaiRains … Truth 

Incredulous India – Suicide of compassion

Today morning, a father threw a son out of the house in a fit of rage …. It happens all the time, but this time, the son chooses to climb a tree and hang himself :(. Again, it happens. But what doesn’t happen is the father seeing his son alive one moment and the next … Read more Incredulous India – Suicide of compassion

Just do your job Soldier ! 

The newborn daughter is six months old and hasn’t yet seen her father …. He got the news of her birth two days later because his office is out of reach. Another son is adamant that he won’t cut his birthday cake till his father comes home… Well, the cake will remain uncut, because his … Read more Just do your job Soldier !