Incredulous India – Suicide of compassion

Today morning, a father threw a son out of the house in a fit of rage …. It happens all the time, but this time, the son chooses to climb a tree and hang himself :(. Again, it happens. But what doesn’t happen is the father seeing his son alive one moment and the next moment hanging lifeless on television. Today, compassion also committed suicide alongwith Gajendra Singh. He would have been another statistic and his father would have mourned in the privacy of his home.. But now he not just lost a son, but he will be subjected to the circus of speeches, views and counter views, politics and media brownie point matches !! 

 Gajendra would have been part of the 46 farmers that commit suicide everyday .. Just another number, but he chose to hang himself during a political gathering. You and I would have gone about our lives as always, normally, if only Gajendra had killed himself anywhere else. Now, there are “prime time” debates on which political party is more heartless. AAP blames the Delhi Police, well, the police didn’t know Gajendra was planning to hang himself today and at this spot. BJP and CONgress say AAP is heartless ….AAP drags the PM into this by saying even he addressed a rally during the general elections with bombs going off – really ? Are these the “leaders” we elected ? 

Am sure Gajendra’s father would have rushed to the hospital on hearing about his death on television … I want to know if he could get in ? Why is the media not telling us what happened at the hospital with all the VVIPs with their Z+ security and Z- compassion flitted in and out ? Arnab, the nation wants to know. Was the father able to hug his lifeless son and apologise for yelling at him ? If he was married was his wife able to kiss her husband who took the extreme step …if he had children, did his children get a chance to try and wake their dead dad up ? 

Incredulous India – our misplaced priorities come to the fore once again. Just imagine, if no political party blamed the other ? Imagine, if Gajendra was brought down from the tree and his family was brought to the hospital and everyone stood in silence paying homage to the departed soul ? Imagine if the family was allowed to take care of the last rites without the glare of the cameras and enough compensation was paid out so that the family is taken care of till another bread winner emerges ? We don’t care – the political rally could have been stopped and continued another day, the other parties could have stayed away from parachuting into the scene to gain eyeballs…. A human life was lost and all we care about is apportioning blame. 

Gajendra’s suicide also showed us compassion for a fellow human being also committed suicide. RIP Gajendra and the 45 other farmers who committed suicide today. Let you and I work on resurrecting compassion. 

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