Tracking the Full Moon

We didn’t go for a walk in the morning yesterday so we went in the evening. The full moon was out in all its splendour.

Full Moon

While the phone cameras have become quite powerful and take really good pictures, nothing matches what you see with the naked eye.

The word “loony” comes from the root “lunar” and that’s because the moon does drive one crazy. Apparently more people go mad on full moon nights than other nights.

All living things on Earth are deeply connected to the elements. Our body is made up of 70% water and it’s composition matches the ocean’s water …. magical isn’t it ? The tides are higher during full moon.

Women’s menstrual cycle tracks closely with the full moon or Amavasya. Obviously the moon affects mood swings !!

Important festivals align with the waxing or waning moon. Several Mystics have been enlightened on a full moon night.

Since our balcony faces South West the setting moon is seen clearly early in the morning. I clicked a few pictures of the full moon at 5.30 am today.

Full Moon

Gurgaon skyline looks like the skyline of some futuristic city early in the morning 😊.

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Have a great day !!

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