Day 30 – Budapest to Vienna … and back home

Sept 30, 2019 – Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria

We had to take the 9 am RejioJet bus from the Kelenfold station to get back to Vienna. We decided to take a Bolt taxi rather than use the metro. We got out early by 7.30 a.m and booked a Bolt taxi. The taxi took a really long time to arrive ! We got into the taxi only around 7.55 am and Krishnan was not very happy about it but we couldn’t do anything much. Luckily the taxi got us to the Kelenfold Bus station by 8.30 am. We saw a big notice board outside the ticket kiosk that said, they had no information about RejioJet buses !! Inspite of that I tried asking at the information booth and was rudely told off by the lady behind the counter that they had no information regarding the RejioJet.

There were several passengers like us struggling to find out where our bus was arriving. Finally someone pointed out the spot where the bus had dropped us off across the station as the point where the RejioJet bus would pick us up. Several of us quickly walked across to that spot and thankfully there were many more passengers who reassured us that we were at the right spot.

The Jackpot Club is the point where the RejioJet buses drop you off and pick you up from
The tram lines
Other passengers who were walking across from the Kelenfold bus station towards the Jackpot Cafe stop.

The bus journey back to Vienna was uneventful and we were dropped off at the back entrance of the Hauptbahnhof. We first went and got our suitcase from the luggage locker where we had left it while going to Budapest. We then ate a pizza from one of the restaurants at the HBF. Our flight back to Delhi was at 10.45 pm so we had nearly half a day to explore Vienna some more. We went back to the luggage lockers and managed to get a large locker where all our bags fit in. We put everything in and just had my handbag and Krishnan’s small sling bag with us.

We walked down to Naschmarkt and managed to buy our favourite Mohn Zelten at Roni’s Wien Kase Delicatessen. We then split a gelato from the shop right across Roni’s place. We walked back to the HBF and enjoyed our favourite fresh orange juice at SPAR. We planned to take the 5.30 pm airport RejioJet train and spent the time in between just walking around the Hbf.

We reached the airport well in advance and were the first passengers to check in. We completed the security check and then realised that there was no lounge and hardly any place where we could sit. Luckily I went into one of the restaurants and realised that there was a huge seating area in front of that restaurant, but hidden from view. We found a couple of seats and sat down to wait for the flight to be announced. We each ate a Zelten each and some of the Manner wafers :). The flight got announced and we got into the plane and slept off promptly.

The lay over in Dubai was uneventful and we just used the overcrowded lounge to freshen up and have a cup of coffee. Reached Delhi by 2.45 on Oct 1st.

A wonderful vacation and many beautiful memories collected … our love for travel continues and there are so many countries, places and history to be explored still !

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