The Vivekananda series ……… 9. Humanity


This beautiful card on Humanity is very topical for the world we live in today. We do all that Swami Vivekananda said would destroy us and then wonder why the world is the way it is 🙁

The Vivekananda series …. 2. Arrival

This is a tough one and especially finding a connect to the corporate, working life. Basically, the idea here seems to be that it’s all within you and to realise your Buddha, you just look inwards and no external journey is needed. Will try to apply it to the corporate world – we run after … Read more

The Vivekananda Series …. 1. Acceptance

2013 was Swami Viveknanda’s 150 birth anniversary. I have a very special relationship with the Ramakrishna Mission that he setup. There was a large poster of his, cut from a calendar, that dad had in Dehu Road and then in Shillong, we would regularly go to the Ramakrishna Mission near Laitmukrah. My first glimpse of … Read more