The Vivekananda series ……… 9. Humanity

What a beautiful card on Humanity and so topical for the world we live in today. We have politics without principles, progress without compassion, wealth without work, learning without silence, religion without fearlessness and we worship without awareness !! After doing all that Swami Vivekananda said would destroy humanity, we wonder why it is.


Politics without Principles

Around the world we have leaders who are out to destroy their countries and portions of their neighbourhood. Take Imran Khan or Erdogan or Xi Jinping. All fuelling their brand of fundamentalism. Imran Khan is ruling over a failed state called Pakistan. Islamic fundamentalists bay for a Christian woman’s blood in Pakistan, all because she drank water from their well. They continue to sponsor terrorism in India even as the world watches in silence.

Erdogan has destroyed Turkey’s true secular spirit. Churches have been converted to Mosques, and he has created enough strife in Syria. The beautiful country we visited in 2010 is unrecognisable today.

The Chinese virus has wreaked havoc across the world while Xi Jinping smiles benignly. The world is forced to believe all is well with China despite millions dying in Wuhan. Not for a minute does anyone believe the numbers of Chinese Covid 19 deaths. Just sad :(.

Progress without Compassion

The pandemic has shown us that Mother Earth can rejuvenate herself, if left alone. We, the intelligent human race are to be blamed for abusing her resources. As the vaccines make the world a safer place again, will we go back to being plunderers? Am not so sure if humanity has truly learnt any lessons.

We need progress that is compassionate towards the Earth. Sustainability cannot remain a buzzword. Its great that the US is rejoining the Climate change accord but it has to stop the crazy consumption ! USA’s model of development will need three Earths :(.

India has done commendable work in the renewable energy space – Bhadla Solar Park, World’s largest solar Park. Our old way of living was carbon neutral, but we are changing. The consumption driven culture is making inroads. We want to “use and throw”. Hopefully we contain the trend and progress with compassion.

Am not going to write about each of the things that Swami Vivekananda says will destroy humanity, but you get the drift. He is spot on, again.

I just hope we wake up in time to smell the coffee of awareness.

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