The First Short Drive in 2021 !

Drive 2021

On Sunday we went for a short drive, the first in 2021. The traffic surprised us and people not wearing masks scared us, but driving felt so good !

Scotland Day 2 – Day tour with a seasoned guide, part 2

Saturday Aug 25, 2018 – Locked onto the Lochs This is a continuation of our day tour around Edinburgh. Read the first part here –¬†Scotland Day 2- Day tour with a seasoned guide, part 1. After visiting the Stirling castle we drove to the Doune Castle which is where we ate our picnic lunch. Here … Read more

The Vivekananda series …. 2. Arrival

This is a tough one and especially finding a connect to the corporate, working life. Basically, the idea here seems to be that it’s all within you and to realise your Buddha, you just look inwards and no external journey is needed. Will try to apply it to the corporate world – we run after … Read more

Drive to Hyderabad and the start of the final term …

Dear Appa, We drove down to Hyderabad today for the final term at ISB. I was remembering your drive to Bangalore in the end of Aug 2008 …. You had your cerebral haemorrhage on 4th Aug at around 11.30 am and Amma managed to take you to Poulomi, and then to Yashoda and finally at … Read more