The Vivekananda Series …. 1. Acceptance


Acceptance of your uniqueness is the key ! We are all trying to be “like” someone else, but there is no need to copy anyone. We are unique 🙂

Book Review – Menaka’s Choice

Wonder what made me pick this book up ??!@ I read three awesome books by Sri M where my consciousness was lifted and my soul was stirred ….. then I saw the title “Menaka’s choice” and thought it might be an interesting take on Apsara Menaka and Brahmarishi Vishwamitra’s life. This book was underwhelming and … Read more


I haven’t watched “Kabali” and probably won’t till it comes on TV. But nothing will change how I feel about Rajnikanth.. for me he was and remains the enduring Superstar. He is probably one of the few stars who deserves the star status – he doesn’t go around “hunting” endangered species, doesn’t run over people … Read more

The Vivekananda Series …. 1. Acceptance

2013 was Swami Viveknanda’s 150 birth anniversary. I have a very special relationship with the Ramakrishna Mission that he setup. There was a large poster of his, cut from a calendar, that dad had in Dehu Road and then in Shillong, we would regularly go to the Ramakrishna Mission near Laitmukrah. My first glimpse of … Read more

Thalaivaa… Happy birthday

Am an unabashed Rajinikanth fan and have been for the longest time. Infact for a long time, in our team meetings, I would check with my Chennai colleagues if he was doing well and news about him, much to Raghavan’s irritation. Anyone who is more than an acquaintance of mine, knows you can’t say anything … Read more