Nagapattinam Halwa Shop – Madurai

Nagapattinam Halwa Shop Madurai

We visited the 121 year old Nagapattinam Halwa Shop inside the Meenakshi Amman Temple premises on Dec 18th. Delicious Halwa !

Leadership Lessons from the Bhagavad Gita 18 – Unique Gifts

Chapter 2 Verses 32 and 33 – यदृच्छया चोपपन्नं स्वर्गद्वारमपावृतम् | सुखिन: क्षत्रिया: पार्थ लभन्ते युद्धमीदृशम् || 32|| yadṛichchhayā chopapannaṁ swarga-dvāram apāvṛitam sukhinaḥ kṣhatriyāḥ pārtha labhante yuddham īdṛiśham yadṛichchhayā—unsought; cha—and; upapannam—come; swarga—celestial abodes; dvāram—door; apāvṛitam—wide open; sukhinaḥ—happy; kṣhatriyāḥ—warriors; pārtha—Arjun, the son of Pritha; labhante—obtain; yuddham—war; īdṛiśham—such Translation :- O Parth, happy are the warriors to … Read more

You are unique.. Just be yourself!

Today I have added a new category to this blog – “Irrepressible Osho”. I want to share snippets from Osho’s books, which are largely a collection of his discourses. When I started to think of a name for the category the word “irrepressible” came to my mind and here’s the google search that brings up … Read more

The Vivekananda Series …. 1. Acceptance

2013 was Swami Viveknanda’s 150 birth anniversary. I have a very special relationship with the Ramakrishna Mission that he setup. There was a large poster of his, cut from a calendar, that dad had in Dehu Road and then in Shillong, we would regularly go to the Ramakrishna Mission near Laitmukrah. My first glimpse of … Read more