The Vivekananda series …. 2. Arrival


This is a tough one and especially finding a connect to the corporate, working life. Basically, the idea here seems to be that it’s all within you and to realise your Buddha, you just look inwards and no external journey is needed. Will try to apply it to the corporate world – we run after goals, quarterly guidance to the market, profits, margins, operating income, engagement scores etc. Just stop for a minute… Imagine a scenario where you are able to just let people connect deeply to their core selves, identify the alignment to the firm’s purpose and then set them free. It sounds scary but that is at the root of the knowledge worker’s motivation and engagement. A deep connect to the purpose of the firm, enough freedom to do his or her work and the ability to explore his potential fully. If some of you still doubt this, please read the book “Drive” by Daniel Pink and check out the video on You tube created by RSA animate, link is Drive .

Another way to use this quote is as parents with your children … It’s again difficult for parents to assume the role of a trustee, but that’s just what they are for the child. The child comes with his/her own learning path and as parents, understand that all you need to do is be supportive and loving as they choose their path. Each child’s road to enlightenment is different and while many children appear directionless, that chaos and meandering maybe their chosen path to reach their learning purpose. Accept and let them be. Trust in life and help your child’s awareness grow and nothing more.

Back in the corporate world, this is a great way to coach people, letting them arrive at their unique potential and helping in their journey inward. In our mad dash towards goals we fail to see the wrong wall of values that we are climbing, the huge pits of disillusionment, and the stupidity of it all. It’s imperative that as a coach you start your coachee’s inward journey and help them connect to the firm after they have connected with themselves. The true flowering of their potential will be only if there is a resonance with their inside and the outside, if there is dissonance, then the true potential never finds expression.

I also found this blogpost by AVIS Viswanathan, yesterday which speaks in a way to the above quote When you don’t know what to do, do nothing

So Accept and Arrive …. Two great lessons from the Master for all of us to mull over.

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