Thomas….you made it..

We first met Thomas when we did the local sightseeing tour in Munnar, Kerala. Manoj, our navigator, took us to the Green Hotel in Chinnakanal owned and run by Thomas, at a distance of about two kms from Club Mahindra where we stayed. We wanted to eat our favorite Kerala food items such as Puttu, … Read more Thomas….you made it..

Personalize !

Since yesterday, I have been wished by many people for my anniversary with ShikshaDaan on Linkedin and my heartfelt thanks for all their wishes. The wishes also made me think of another thing the new modern standardization-crazy technology age has changed for the worse – all greetings are standardized. Linkedin’s idea of  setting up reminders … Read more Personalize !

Postcards enroute to Shimla ….

We left Kalpa on the 9th of May and drove to Shimla …. We were certainly sad. Kalpa just captivated us with its beauty. The route we took was, Kalpa-Tapri-Rampur-Sainj-Narkanda-Shilaroo-Fagu-Kufri-Shimla. Shimla was the last stop in our Himachal travels and we got a bonus of reliving old memories from 1998… In April of 1998, we … Read more Postcards enroute to Shimla ….

Friendship on the banks of Ganga – 2

There is another blog that I wrote for Deepa’s birthday with the same title, so this becomes the second one in the series :). Friendship on the banks of Ganga Today is Kapil’s 50th birthday and we were at their place early in the morning and here are some special moments captured forever. Kapil is … Read more Friendship on the banks of Ganga – 2

A special Linkedin invite

I met her mother in school in the 7th standard and we were “best friends” from day one. I spent many Sundays going over to her place or she would come over to mine and the three years that we were classmates, we were inseparable. We stayed in touch for nearly seven years after 1983 … Read more A special Linkedin invite

Why Cipla is always ‘special’ for me…

The year 1986 is a very important year in my life. For almost three years preceding the year 1986, despite going through several diagnostic tests and tools, Doctors could not establish the cause of my problem – occasional but intense abdominal pain. The pain could be relieved only with medication and rest for a day … Read more Why Cipla is always ‘special’ for me…