Friendship on the banks of Ganga – 2

There is another blog that I wrote for Deepa’s birthday with the same title, so this becomes the second one in the series :). Friendship on the banks of Ganga

Today is Kapil’s 50th birthday and we were at their place early in the morning and here are some special moments captured forever. Kapil is thought of everyday by us because our house was done up by him. I still remember the way he mixed the tiles in the kitchen and was worried whether I will like it – but I just loved it. The “jugaad” wardrobes and the many small shelves etc just made the house perfect.

It feels like we have known Kapil and Deepa all our lives .. We definitely know Manya from her first birthday and Karan from when he was five. We first met them at Manya’s first birthday and Kapil said, the little boy who will be zipping across the hall and turning things upside down would be Karan. And yeah, we saw this little boy who nearly toppled Manya’s cake at the venue and he turned out to be Karan.

The trip to Jaipur and eating at Chokhi Daani … Especially the butter in those cute little mud cups. Kapil and Manya needed more helpings of that and I fell in love with the Bajra khichadi with sugar and ghee :):)

There are so many trips we did together and have been there for very major event in each other’s lives. Kapil, I can never forget the trip you took for the tenth day ceremony of my father…. Not many people would do that.

Wish you many many many happy returns of the day Kapil … Lots of love to a wonderful human being that we count amongst our closest friends. God bless you. Some pictures to refresh our special

At Krishnan’s 50th –


Our tents from the Rishikesh trip where we met 🙂



From the Jaipur trip


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  1. You guys are truly special … Just figured that the purity of the relationship is also as the birth was on the banks of the and blessings always ..


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