Special chat

Around 10 pm today I got a ping from a very special person – my 5.5+ year old advisor, Aaliyah. She wanted to know how my mother was, whether I was at work and what I was reading. She even wanted me to tell Rohit to start reading, when I told her he doesn’t like reading much. I know that her name came up on the “big fat board” during the school annual day and that she won a prize for acting… Her role was that of a dinosaur. When I got scared, I was advised not to be scared as it was just a costume she wore.

We discussed about Zazou and I know he hasn’t turned golden yet (golden retriever) and is still a blonde colored dog who weighs twenty two kgs.

This was a very special conversation and Aaliyah is a very special child, her spelling was accurate, grammar perfect and her gift of articulation evident. I am still feeling the glow of her signing off statement that am a super star :):):) and when I told her that I love her and that she is a super star, pat came the reply that she loves me too.

So Aaliyah, lots of love to you and a special hug. Thanks for a great conversation. Looking forward to many more such chats as you lay hands on your mom’s phone or iPad 🙂

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