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Since yesterday, I have been wished by many people for my anniversary with ShikshaDaan on Linkedin and my heartfelt thanks for all their wishes. The wishes also made me think of another thing the new modern standardization-crazy technology age has changed for the worse – all greetings are standardized. Linkedin’s idea of  setting up reminders on who is celebrating their birthday or work anniversary is fantastic and its far better to wish someone on their special day even with a standardized greeting than not at all. But, like the advert goes “yeh dil maange more” (this heart wishes for more).

Make an effort to personalize your greetings – add the name of the person you are greeting, say one word about something that you know the person did differently, share something that you did with an idea that this person gave etc. Personalize your recognition at work too – everyone does something differently, has one competency that’s better than the others ! Not everyone in a month can display the same competency and please don’t copy paste a citation, because technology allows it :).

Add the personal touch to make the recognition, greeting, gift more valuable. Use technology to remind you, even let it give you a standardized statement of greeting, but you can always find something to personalize the message.

Personalize to touch the other person …. A Rolls Royce is after all a personalized car.

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  1. Good Though Bindu.. I don’t reply to Xmas/Vishu greeting of which I am in a bcc or cc. Also make it t a point to send individual mails on festivals…. Technology has made people less sensitive.. they just complete the karma of wishing… I still do send Xmas cards every year….. One should see the joy of people receiving it… it just rekindles the bond between me and them…..
    Roji Jacob


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