AICC – All India Chinese CONgress ?

CONgress backstabbing

CONgress’ betrayal and support to China and anti-India activities is utterly disgusting. They have been cutting away at our civilizational roots since 1947.

Pulwama – Never Forget, Never Forgive

On Feb 14th, supposedly the day of love, cowards from Pakistan’s terrorist cells attacked a CRPF convoy and 44 soldiers were martyred … The tricolour wrapped coffins hold the lifeless body parts of our soldiers killed in hatred not war. Some of the coffins are empty because no parts could be found. This is the … Read more

The Soldier and The Politician

Today while browsing FB, I saw this post from my friend Neeti. Its a letter from Malvika Lamba, an army wife and it brings out the stark difference between the world of a soldier and that of a politician. It reminded me of something that happened earlier. A couple of weeks back, an important minister … Read more

When the cat was away, the mice played … Foul

Breaking news – Our great country is run by the unelected Babu .. Did you know that ? If you did you are smart and well informed and may just survive in this jungle. I didn’t know that for a long time. I was naive and thought the elected babus were running our country, not … Read more