Just do your job Soldier ! 

The newborn daughter is six months old and hasn’t yet seen her father …. He got the news of her birth two days later because his office is out of reach. Another son is adamant that he won’t cut his birthday cake till his father comes home… Well, the cake will remain uncut, because his father is not coming back ever. His day at work took his life. Another woman is crying as she is stranded on a lamppost, holding onto dear life with flood waters swirling around her and just then there are a few men who reach her and manage to rescue her. Her husband pelts stones at these rescuers, but they go on doing their work. A father shuts the door on the face of a minister, because this lowlife called his son’s death as another day at work… A retired man manages a rescue operation under hostile conditions, manages to rescue 4000 Indians and he is a terrible person because he speaks the truth !! It was his job and he was supposed to just do it. Oh these crazy men in uniform :(. 

Dhoni’s commitment is lauded when he didn’t see his newborn daughter as the Indian team was playing the World Cup. Awesome. I appreciate his commitment too. The whole media is hounding a junkie wanting to know where he is … They must do their job, the Nation wants to know. A renowned lawyer is caught with his pants down and that is news for a few days. Someone’s son wrecks a car that could feed a platoon for several days and “responsible” media hushes up the news. A human being mows down a few other human beings and being human, his driver takes the blame after 13 years and it’s prime time news. Another one time junkie, much married law breaker tries to extend his time outside prison and the ever vigilant “responsible” media reports his every move – who he kissed who he hugged and so on. The same day this “star” went to jail, a newspaper boy manages to get admission to IIM – but he is a regular guy, so not worthy of news. A bunch of “activists” squabble and it’s important for every citizen in India to know the color of their shirts everyday, every cough, every sneeze, every rasp and every yoga pose. Oh our media is so “responsible”. 

Ok you get where am going with this. The “responsible” media in their air conditioned offices will manufacture news or focus on news that their owners tell them to and will feel “offended” when a soldier calls “some” of them “presstitutes”. Well, would you rather have a loose talking General of the calibre of Gen V.K. Singh running the rescue operations when you are in war torn Yemen trying to escape alive or would do you rather have one of our coated suited “Nation wants to know” or “much slapped miffed journalist” or the supercilious brat whose father led us to the humiliating defeat in 1962 running the operations ?? 

These armed forces guys are really crazy. They all take an oath to serve the motherland and protect her from her enemies at the start of their jobs and they take it to heart !! Crazy guys. They stay away from their families, are posted in inhabitable conditions, they die during a routine day at work … All to ensure you and I and the “responsible” media remain alive and earn well. God forbid, if any soldier makes the mistake of saying something or “asking” for something – the “responsible” media will be there to nail them to their malfunctioning coffins. 

Gen V. K. Singh, you are blessed because you are crazy enough to remain true to your soldier’s oath and India is blessed because of crazy men and women who serve in its armed forces like you. There are millions who send their heartfelt thanks everyday to the brave hearts who guard our borders, please ignore the “responsible” media. Salute to you and the brave naval and airforce men who handled the Yemen rescue operations. And “responsible” media, those 4000 rescued Indians apologise to you for the less than complimentary description that the General gave of some of you. Sure, I and many other Indians are happy to apologise as well. Now can you responsibly go back to reporting your “important” news as prescribed by your bosses and let the soldiers do their job ?? Btw I heard the junk head is returning … Run, get the first footage of his hair that’s peeking under the cap, the Nation wants to know why he didn’t color his hair. 

Jai Hind. Jai Jawan. 

P.s – the honest journalist and the irresponsible soldier is excluded from this post. 

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