AICC – All India Chinese CONgress ?

Mr. GVL Narasimha Rao during one of the TV debates named AICC as All India Chinese CONgress. It was truly a stroke of genius, whether his own or someone else’s, because thats exactly how CONgress party has been behaving. Its not just now, they have always been a China supporter !

The first PM of India, Mr. Nehru nearly accepted defeat in 1962 and as if giving up the region (Arunachal Pradesh and Assam) said in a radio broadcast “My heart goes out to the people of Assam.”

Aksai Chin – Mr. Nehru slept, China “kept”

These excerpts are taken from the article – Nehru’s Aksai Chin Blunder.

  1. “On October 6, 1957, a Chinese newspaper, Kuang-ming Jih-pao reported: ‘The Sinkiang-Tibet — the highest highway in the world — has been completed.'”
  2. It should have been obvious, even for the blind Intelligence Bureau Director B N Mullick and others in Delhi that the Chinese had built a road on Indian soil. Still, it took nearly two more years for the news to become public in India.
  3. On October 18, 1958, the Indian foreign secretary handed over an ‘informal note’ to the Chinese ambassador in Delhi. A full year later and an “informal” note at that.
  4. A year later, Nehru hid the truth in Parliament. The issue first came up on April 22, 1959 during a discussion on Chinese maps displaying Indian territory as China’s. A full two years go by and we do nothing. 
  5. Further, Nehru’s collaborators (Mullick in particular) probably did not know where India’s frontier lay. Were they interested to know? The Chinese local commander, Han Tse-min ,asserted that ‘when these roads were completed, the Chinese Communists would close the Tibet Ladakh border to trade.’ It is what they did a year later soon after the signature of the infamous Panchsheel Agreement.
  6. There is ‘general discontent among the Tibetans as a result of the Chinese Communist occupation,’ the note added. ‘The Chinese were in complete control of trade and business.’ Delhi was not concerned.
  7. The CIA papers tend to prove that the Government of India knew about the Aksai Chin road much earlier than thought.

Don’t miss – Mr. Nehru’s famous quip when asked about the loss of Aksai Chin, in Parliament “not a single blade of grass grows there.” Mahavir Tyagi, a senior Congress leader, pointed to his bald head and said: “Nothing grows here … should it be given away to somebody else?”

CONgress continues to spout their anti-national, pro-chinese drivel. Recently, the CONgress supported state govt. of Jharkhand initially refused to send labour to work on the Indo-China border road building. It relented after receiving flak from everywhere.

Read here – Jharkhand cancels approval, won’t let BRO hire workers for Ladakh

The list of CONgress’ betrayal and support to China is long and utterly disgusting. Not just China, they have been at the forefront of cutting away our civilizational roots since 1947. The worst of their anti-India behaviour has been during the current President’s tenure. Mind you, the Italian born daughter-in-law is the longest serving CONgress President :):). There has been acceleration in the cutting of our civilizational roots with incentivised conversion. Not just that, she has also tried foisting an idiot on us as a leader.

The following cartoon from Kureel sums up CONgress perfectly !

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